Hey Guys.

I can’t believe I haven’t been here in so long. There have been some changes in my life and they take up so much of my time. I’m trying to find my groove again but that’s really hard.

I started a new job on January 27th and it’s been cool. I don’t think this is my career but it pays decent and I an able to save so Jas and I can move back into our own place.

I’ve been in a beautiful relationship with the best guy ever for almost 15 months and I can say it’s been amazing having someone in my life like him.

I started a new story because I got stuck on the one I had been writing. It’s a phase and it will pass. I’m happier now and it helps to be in a good head space when you write so we’ll see how it pans out.

My family reunion is in July here in cali and I’m super excited to see everyone who will actually make it, especially since this will be the last one we host since folks can’t find the time to travel to us. We’re not mad tho, we just removed it from the table and that’ll be that.

Jas is more than halfway through the 1st grade and I am so proud of all her milestones and accomplishments. She’s come a long way since last August. She reads and is great in math and I’m just a proud mama.

What’s been going on with you guys?

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