Happy New Year

I know it’s the 11th already but Happy New Year guys!


I hope it’s starting off wonderful for everyone. I have already put in the universe that this year will be an amazing one for me.

I went to a vision board party this past weekend and it was. . . interesting. I’m not knocking it for people who swear by them but, it’s not something I’d do all the time. Now writing down your goals for the year and holding yourself accountable is something I’m all for and that’s something I did while I was there.

This year I plan on. . .

Securing employment. Yep, I’m still jobless but that will all change this year. I’ve been patient and humble and everything God has told me to be, so now I’ll just wait to see what comes to me. But it’s coming.

Write. I plan to finish not only one book but 2 this year. If I get more done that’s great but 2 is the goal and I will accomplish them.

Move into my own place again. Yea, I had to give up my place because I could no longer afford it. Talk about a blow to the gut. But I have to find the positives in things these days and I feel like that happened because my best friend had knee surgery and I needed to be here for her. And I am. I’m doing my part to make sure she’s taken care of and in return she had a house with 3 bedrooms, two of which were empty that are now occupied by me and Jas. It’s not ideal but it’s life right now for us and I can’t wait to have my own place again. I like to walk around Nekkid and it’s just weird to do that in someone elses house, even if we’re all girls.

Focus more on me. I tend to give a lot of energy and time to everyone else and little to myself. That changes this year.

Pray more. People think they pray a lot or they just pray when they want ot need something but I have made it my mission to pray as soon as my eyes open in the morning and thank God for that new day. Thank for all the things that are going right in my life and not just come to him with wants and needs. It makes me feel good to give praise.

Focus more on being healthy. For me that means drinking more water. Eating actual meals and walking more. I’ve stress lost a little weight but I know that’s not healthy so if I’m gonna lose weight  I want to do it in a healthy way. This goes back to focusing more on me.

Spend time with my family. I haven’t stopped doing this and this year I’m gonna do it more. We have a reunion coming up in July and I’m excited to see my extended family when they all come here to cali.

This also means for me spending more time with Jas. We spend a lot of time together now but I want to create more memories with her. We put together puzzles last week and had such a good time doing it. It’s the little things for her but I want her to look back at her childhood and say, ” My mommy was always there for me.”

Make time for love. My guy and I spent so much time together when I was first laid off and all summer. But he has taken on a part time job and we don’t see each other as much, although I talk to him every day. We just discussed last night how we cant neglect us. It’s going to take a little effort from the both of us but it’s so worth it. I don’t wanna jump the gun but I really feel like he’s “The one.” After almost a year of knowing each other and dating we’ve only grown closer and have really gotten to be great friends. He’s become one of my best friends and I have never had that before in a relationship. It’s lovely.


But those are my goals for the year and I plan to attain them all. Did you guys set any goals? Are any of you resolution people?





4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

    • Thank you Mia. I wake up every morning and decide to be in a good mood. It really is a choice for me and I know it helps me focus on what’s good and not so much on what’s not going right.

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