5 months. . .

Hey guys!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been here but lately I go through these spurts of wanting to write then the mood fades and my mind changes and I go weeks without doing it. It’s been the same with the book I’m writing. My mojo is mostly nonexistent and I really need to get it back. I’m in a slump guys and I don’t really knowi how to break out of it.

I’ve been unemployed for five months now. I’ve gotten offers but the pay they have been offering is too low and I can’t just settle for anything so I wait and continue to apply and interview and try not to let my current circumstances bring me to a dark place. It would be really easy to go there but my faith is so strong I refuse to let myself get taken there.

There have been some positive things going on in my life though. Jas started first grade. She started off struggling but now she’s doing well. Neither of us knew how much work “big kid school” would be, but we are making the adjustments needed for this to be a very successful school year.

You guys remember I vlogged about the guy I met back in January? Well he’s still around. He’s been a great source of positivity and comfort throughout a year that has been rough to say the least. He’s always encouraging and motivating. He’s helped me take my mind off my troubles when I need it most. He’s met some of my family and he and Jas have a budding friendship that makes me smile to see. I told him recently that I don’t feel things happen by chance. I feel we were placed in each others lives for a reason and I truly believe it because God felt we needed each other. Whether he becomes my forever partner or just my forever friend, I am grateful to know him. He’s my bae!

My family has been great. We stick together like no other. They have also been a source of support for me and Jas and I appreciate them so much.

SO friends, please keep me in your prayers. God willing I will be employed soon and I can get my life back on track.

5 thoughts on “5 months. . .

  1. “He’s always encouraging and motivating.”

    Makes a world of a difference, doesn’t it? I’ve been there myself a time or two and always ended up looking back and being grateful for the encouragement offered while in job transition. I’m sure that’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with possible peeps.

    And definitely keep your head up. Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

    • Thanks Tony. God is awesome and has been amazing to me. I’ll tell Jas to keep up the good work and I’m doing my best to remain positive.

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