Release day coming soon


Coming this Friday


After a week of actually working out of state, and two more spent with Monica in San Diego, I had to head home. I hated saying goodbye to Monica, and I hated admitting to myself that I was catching feelings for her. Before her, no woman had ever made me want to be with them more than Tonya. They were all just a moment in time, and once that moment passed, they were lucky if I even remembered their names.

While waiting for Monica to come out of a convenience store, I called Tonya from the rental car to inform her that I would be home later that evening. I sighed, thinking about the chore of romancing her, when in her presence was the last place I wanted to be.

Two hours later I turned the key to enter our condo. Tonya and Junior were at the door with balloons and cake yelling “SURPRISE” as soon as I was in the foyer.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Junior yelled, running up to me with outstretched arms.

I picked him up and kissed his chubby brown cheek. I hadn’t realized it until that moment, but I missed my boy.

“We missed you.” Tonya said, hugging me around the neck with one arm.

“I missed you guys too.” I told her. It was only a half truth.

“Well go wash up for dinner. I made your favorite turkey spaghetti and Junior helped me bake your favorite vanilla cake.” She smiled sweetly. I kissed Junior on the forehead placing him on the couch.

I stood at the bathroom sink with the water running, staring at myself in the mirror.

“You okay babe?” Tonya said walking up behind me. I jumped startled a bit.

“Uh… yeah… I’m okay. I’m just tired. Give me a minute here and I’ll come sit down for dinner.” I told her, trying to wipe the concern off her face.

“Okay Ben. Don’t take too long.” Tonya said, smiling lovingly before she left me alone.

I washed my hands and splashed water on my face. I had to get it together. I was yearning Monica. I had it bad.



After dinner, I put my boy to bed then hopped in the shower. When I got out, Tonya was waiting for me on the bed. She had candles lit, soft music playing, and she was wearing brand new lingerie. She looked great, with her hair out of her usual bun, framing her face and cleavage. Her chocolate skin looked like silk against the fabric as she lay there, sprawled across the bed.

I knew what she wanted. I hadn’t seen her in three weeks and we hadn’t been intimate in almost two months. I had been with Monica one last time just that afternoon, and the sweetness of her skin still tap danced on my senses.

“Hey honey,” Tonya said sitting up “I’ve missed you. Come over here.” She slowly tossed her hair off of her shoulder, revealing her beautiful silky chocolate skin. Biting the corner of her lip, she patted the bed gently.

“Tonya I’m tired. I’ve had a busy few weeks and a long flight home. Can we just go to bed?’ and I was tied, mostly of pretending I was content with being home. I watched as her expression changed from sexy to defeated.

“But I… yea… I guess we can just go to bed if you’re that tired.” She covered herself as if she had just noticed she was exposed, making sure to look anywhere but directly at me.

She pulled back the covers on her side and climbed into bed. I slid in on my side and turned my back to her, pulling the covers up to my chest. I grabbed my phone, and sent a message.

Can’t wait to see you again beautiful ❤

I placed my phone down before turning off the lamp on my nightstand. Tonya scooted as far away from me as she could and tried to quiet her sniffles.


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