Krissy Khronicales: POF

So I joined a dating site called Plenty of Fish last friday, It’;s been. . . interesting to say the least. I have convered with plenty of nice men with good things to say who hold decent conversations. Myself, my sister and one of my besties are going to a singles mixer on the 30th which is nothing else should be entertaining.

But I’ve also met some men who think I’m stupid. Do you guys know the definition of casual? Well in the online dating world it means finding someone to have sex with but nothing serious. My profile says, “wants a relationship” but I keep getting messages from men whose profiles say “casual dating/no commitment” and before we waste each others time, I bring it up. The common response, ” Well should people be friends first?”Β  which I respond, ” A person can want a relationship and get to know someone on a friendly level first, that’s how it should work.”

See men lure women in with the pospect of a relationship when they really just want to sleep with a woman. I’m pretty hip to the game so it’s pretty hard to pull one over on me because I’ve heard all the lines before.

What all this does for me, while it’s possible I may find my future bae, it gives me excellent material for my next book which is about a woman who is heavy into online dating because she wants to try something new.since conventional methods haven’t worked for her thus far. The guy who sent me messages from jail ( ask Christina if you don’t believe me lmao) will definitely be a tale for that book.

Wish me luck guys. I’m going in lol!


4 thoughts on “Krissy Khronicales: POF

  1. Girl! I tried out POF before the last mister and it was a flipping mess for me. Like, bottom of the barrel, but that could just be the Atlanta experience. I had better experiences over on Match. Anyway, happy hunting. It’s fun, but damn is it exhausting!

    • It’s been. . . interesting thus far. I’ve had some pretty decent conversations with a few guys. I got called a bitch yesterday by a guy because I told him I wasn’t going to meet him or continue to talk to him since he asked me to meet after his initial greeting of “Hey”. So yea, interesting to say the least lol

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