Randoms: Krissy Khronicles

Hey y’all. I haven’t mentioned my “Love life” in awhile and there is a lot to say about it, randomly speaking.

I’ve been “seeing” someone for about a month. He’s someone I’ve known since I was 19 an hadn’t seen in probably 2 years. We kinda used to “talk” when I was younger but it never really went anywhere because the timing was never right.This situation was VERY unexpected but I am enjoying myself.

Since HG ( the new guys wgo isn’t really new) has been occupying my time, the men who had been wasting it have ALL tried to resurface in some shape or form. The Wolves can smell when you’re happy I tell ya!

I told HG about the Wolves and he said I should tell them I’m “Kinda busy right now.” Which is actually exactly what I told one guy and he got all in his feelings talking about, “Don’t get ol boy f*cked up.” I laughed SO hard.

Another guy texted me yesterday to tell me I had been in his dreams the past few nights. I told him that was nice and in his dreams is where I shall stay. I meant it in the nicest possible way, I promise.

An ex of mine from probably 10 years ago calls me every week. He and I are friendly, actually I could call us friends but where he popped back up from is beyond me.

I was childless a few weeks ago and HG came over and spent the night with me while I was fighting the WAR. It was nice to have someone lay next to me rubbing my back while I had cramps lol. I know plenty of guys, including my most recently ex who would rather not be around during that time because you can’t have sexy time. It’s great to know HG, while hes interested in that and always has been, isn’t ONLY interested in that.

HG and I are kinda winging it. I don’t want to place a title on whatever this is. I figure we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Since I’ve started talking to HG I’ve gotten told a couple of times that I seem to be glowing. He does that to me I guess.

The guy I was most interested in before HG came along has been trying really hard to get his position back. I told him we could be friends but that’s pretty much it..He’s the one who told him his dating situation was “complicated” and I’m good on that forreal.

That’s pretty much it for now. Y’all have a great weekend!


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