Exert from Another Relationshop

Hey guys. As you know I’m working on my third book Titled Another Relationship. My eyes are getting better so I’m slowly getting back into writing it. I left an exert some months back and here is another. Hope you enjoy!!


Benjamin Lewis

HomeTown Records

She wrapped both legs around my waist as I grabbed her by her ass placing her back against the wall. I made her neck and chest my tongues playground as I kissed and nibbled areas I knew would have her begging me not to quit. She dug her nails in my shoulders as I slide her panties to the side sliding two fingers inside of her.

“I knew daddy could get you to hit that high note.” I whispered in her ear as she let out a loud moan.

Monica responded to my text the night before telling me she missed me and wanted to see me again sooner than later. My head almost exploded as I came up with a plan to get to her.

Tonya’s mom called unexpectedly telling her that her father was sick. Her having to leave suddenly would give me more than enough to time to get my Monica fix.

When Tonya made a big deal about me coming with them to Georgia, I purposely created a scene that would allow me a way out of the trip and out of the house for the evening. I always knew what buttons to press to make Tonya do whatever I wanted her to do, she’d do anything for me and at this point, that was a good problem to have.

A part of me felt bad that Tonya’s dad was ill but that other part of me was glad to be away from her again. Monica had become the only woman I wanted to spend time with. Being home with Tonya had become a chore.

“Stop Daddy. . . mmmm stop. You’re gonna make me. . . I don’t wanna. . .” She moaned

“I wanted you too, right here, right now. Do it for daddy.” I whispered and I drove my fingers in and out of her fast and hard. I felt her tighten around them, then the ripple of spasms started. I always loved the way she climaxed. Watching it turned me on. I let her down slowly, smiling at her.

Monica grabbed the hand that she had just made love to and licked the fingers clean. I felt my erection press firmly against my jeans. Monica rolled her tongue around my fingers one last time before she slowly got down on her knees smirking at me as she unbuttoned my pants.

“Ow, it looks like someone is happy to see me.” she said, holding my hard penis in her palm before kissing it.

“Mmm, you have no idea.” I moaned.

Monica knew how to please a man. I didn’t have to teach her a thing. She was completely the opposite of what I thought I wanted in a woman. When I met Tonya she had only been with one other person and only one time. She had to be molded into what I wanted her to be and still she wasn’t down with everything I tried to do sexually. Monica had no rules. She was very sexually adventurous. She was ready and willing any time, any place and that was very attractive to me.

Monica wasn’t ashamed that she had many partners. She once told me that she learned something from each of them. Out of curiosity I asked her what she learned from me.

“I’m the teacher this time.” she replied.

From then on, I was hooked


Monica climbed off me adjusting her skirt. I laid there with my pants at my ankles panting.

“I gotta get going Daddy. I’ll hit you up later.” she said applying more red lipstick.

“You better.” I told her, getting myself together.

She placed a soft kiss on my cheek before sashaying to the door. I tilted my head watching her backside as she slid out the studio, winking at me.

I sat down in the engineer’s seat with my head back, a huge grin plastered on my face.

“What am I gonna do with that girl!?” I said aloud.

“Maybe quit fuckin’ her.” I almost spun myself out of the seat turning around to see my boy Jamison standing here, arms folded across his chest.

“Oh shit dude, I didn’t even hear you come in. What up my ni. . .”

“Don’t what up me Franks. What the fuck were you and ol girl doing in here? Got the place smelling like hot funky sex.” He said, waving a hand in front of his nose.

I smiled at the nickname the guys at the label gave me because they said I sign all the money makers and brought in the Franklins.

“Well you know.” I said with a chuckle, extending my fist out to dap him.

“Not happenin’ Bruh. What’s up with that? I saw the two of you getting busy right here on the floor. Anyone could have walked in. You must not like your job.” He laughed.

“It’s not what you think, I really like this girl a lot. I wouldn’t risk getting caught for just anybody.”

“She’s a pretty girl and her body is like damn,” he made an hourglass with his hands,” but you know she does this for a living, right? This is what she does Franks. Soon as she gets them tracks or her rent paid or whatever it is she’s after, she’s on to the dick of the next muthafucker. This is just a job for her. You wanna mess up your life for a bitch who is working you like a 9 to 5?

Franks you have a beautiful, loving wife at home and a little boy who looks up to you. If you don’t want Tonya I know about three or four other dudes waiting to take her off your hands. If I wasn’t married I might be one of them. Think about that before you lose it all man.

And spray some damn Febreeze in here before you leave dude, damn!” He offered the dap he refused earlier before he grabbed the iPad he had come to retrieve.

Jamison was a good guy. He was a few years older and had been married to his wife Yasmin for 13 years. I knew he was coming from a good place, but I wasn’t trying to hear that shit. I had fallen in love with Monica and I was willing to risk it all for her.


“I tried calling you a couple of times today. I just wanted you to know we made it safe and we miss you.” Tonya spoke in her usual sweet tone. A voice that usually brought a smile to my face was currently putting me on edge.

“I was busy working. I’m glad you guys are good though.”

There was an awkward silence before she spoke again.

“Ben, I  just wanted to know if we were good. You know, if we’re okay?” She asked hesitantly. I hadn’t spoken to her since the night before she and Junior flew out to Georgia. Spending more quality time with Monica was the only thing on my agenda.

“We’re good Tonya. Life isn’t always gonna be great. We won’t always get along.”

“I know that Ben but something is off. It feels like,” her voice trailed off.”It feels like it did before when I caught you cheating on me.” My throat suddenly felt very dry. Was I caught again? I began to panic a little. I swallowed hard before I spoke.

“I’m not doing anything. I work a lot. I’m tired. Sometimes I don’t want to be bothered. But, I’m not doing anything Tonya, okay?” I hoped my words would convince her enough not to go digging like before. This had been my longest affair, hell my only affair and I couldn’t guarantee that I hadn’t been sloppy. Once I started seeing Monica regularly I opened a new credit card and had the statements sent directly to my work email that Tonya couldn’t have any access to. I  didn’t think I was letting on that I was seeing someone else but, a woman and her intuition are nothing to sneeze at. She could very well be on to me.

“Okay Ben, If you say it’s nothing, then it’s nothing.” she said somberly.

“I say so and I hope you can let this go. Don’t turn this into a thing. I have a busy day tomorrow. I’m going to bed.”

“Okay. I love you.”

“Ditto. Bye”


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