I guess I’m Sexy (Krissy Khornicles)

So I mentioned in mu previous post that I had met a new guy. Well that new guy has already gotten the boot. Y’all wanna know why? Well it’s because I’m sexy. Let me explain. . .

When I met this dude he told me numerous times that i was sexy, beautiful. And he was quite attractive so the feeling was mutual. Well fast forward to us having hung out 2 more times and having shared a few smooches ( sue me, I said he was fahn!) his true agenda comes out. This guy wanted me in his bed because I’m sexy!

He called one night this week after 11pm. I’m sleep and so is Jas. I barely missed the call so I called him right back. The conversation went like this.

Him: Hey beautiful, what you doing?
Me: I was sleeping.
Him:Oh so I woke you up?
Me: Yep, what’s up though?
Him: You miss me?
Me: I guess
Him: You wanna see me?
Me: It’s kinda late but I’m up now. Were you out and about or something?
Him: No, but come get me.
*record scratch*
Me: What? I’m not coming to get you. It’s late and my daughter is sleeping.
Him: Yea she’s sleeping so sneak out and come get me.
Me: I dont know what kind of woman you think I am but I’m def not the type who leaves her sleeping child at home to see about a man.
Him: Well get me a cab.
*again, record scratch*
Me: Get your own damn cab!
Him:Oh I see how it is, good night.
And he hung up. . . in my face!

Y’all, I don’t play those type games. Asking me to leave my child alone to come get you is a bit extra but hanging up in my face is so damn disrespectful.

So I text him and tell him how rude he had just been and for him not to treat me like an eff’in booty call because that’s not what this is.

His response was, ” You’re just so sexy, I want to be with you.”

So I guess I’m sexy and that requires being treated like a hooker. Mind=BLOWN!

I asked a guy that I used to date if there was something that I do that gives men the impression that they should have me in their beds. His response,
“It’s your sexiness”

I tell him that I’m not trying to be sexy, I’m not showing a bunch of skin. I’m not doing anything sexy. He says,
“If not anything you do. It just radiates. you walk into a room and it’s noticeable. I’m sorry, you’re just sexy.”

So in conclusion, I’m sexy and that’s not really a great thing for me while navigating this dating thing.


14 thoughts on “I guess I’m Sexy (Krissy Khornicles)

  1. WOW. I am so wowed by the sheer stupidity of this man. WOW.

    I remember when I was dating, I always heard but you are so dayum sexy, etc. etc. to excuse why they couldn’t keep their doggone hands to themselves. So much where I started thinking my appearance was my fault. I can’t with these fools, the game hasn’t changed, I see.

  2. SOOOOOOO let me understand this…1-YOU have no car. 2- YOU have no money to get a cab. 3- YOU think it’s cool for a mom to leave her child in the middle of the night. 4- YOUR grown ass can’t handle a woman’s sexiness enough to a-not behave like you’re 14, b- not be disrespectful when told to fall back nicely,c- handle your own scandal until that woman gives you the green light on sex?? UGH! Girl this single business ain’t fun anymore…lol

  3. I call BS on that. Sexy is a great thing and a gentleman will be able to appreciate your sexiness while treating you like a lady. That dude was just trifling. Don’t get discouraged. You know what they say about frogs and princes.

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