Vlog #!&*(@ Weirdest Date Ever

I went on a very weird date on Saturday evening. It was too much to type so I vlogged about it. I think I’ll start this new series called The Krissy Khronicles. They’ll be my misadventures in dating.

Watch the video. Feel my pain. don’t laugh at me too hard and excuse all that sun in my face. But make sure you get into my curls! they poppin! lol

15 thoughts on “Vlog #!&*(@ Weirdest Date Ever

  1. You and all of the other Cali girls I know/had known sound just alike. I can differentiate the voice from others, a mile away. I enjoyed the vlog: I bet dude didn’t had no idea that he and the date would become the subject of a video blog. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to eat with their mouth open. The more you know.

    I took a checklist of all the things to do if ever I’m on a first date again:

    Show lack of self-control. Check.
    Monitor the woman’s food. Check.
    Be annoying. Check.
    Give the woman this weird, long-lingering hug, then try to kiss her and lie about it when she rejects me. Check.

    Doesn’t sound you enjoyed yourself. Sorry, but you know what they say: a bad date helps you to appreciate the good dates that much more!

  2. Long time lurker, but this was hilarious! Sorry it happened, but yeah I laughed. Hey better than the 44 year old I met and our first “date” was in the park(cool with that part), who decided to continually compliment and play with my eyebrows and then proceeded to stand up and walk behind our bench and start BRAIDING MY HAIR, in public, first encounter. Girl, thank God for separate vehicles, lol!!

  3. Well…needless to say that the gut was definitely right on this dude from the get-go.

    Internet dating is so hit or miss. So many people claiming to be things they aren’t, posting pics that don’t match reality, social awkwardness shining through! He’s no exception. Not all men online are like that, obviously, but damn when a good story comes you just have to incorporate some form of him into the next book.

    Glad you drove separately.

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