Eye suck

So last Tuesday I had that procedure done on my right eye. My vision was already loads better and I was happy about it.

Yesterday morning I woke up fine. Made Jas breakfast then went and got back in my bed to finish my sleep while she ate.

Jas woke me up when she was dine and as soon as I opened my eyes I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t see through my left eye. I freaked out a little but tried not to panic.

I had to go on about my day like everything was good but my baby had her first dance recital and I could hardly see her on stage. It was bad and I cried.

This morning I woke up and there was no change so I called the specialist and they had me come in this afternoon. My doctor informed me that I have a blood clot and a leak in my eye which is why I can’t see.

Next Wednesday I’m scheduled for eye surgery to fix it. I wish it was sooner but I’m glad its fixable.

Until then I won’t be driving, I just don’t feel safe. My best friend has offered to take me back and forth to work until I’m back to normal.

My eyes suck but I’m thankful this won’t be permanent.

Pray for me please. And don’t make me cry in the comments.

P s. Any misspelled words, blame on my janky eyes. These things are look looking through a kaleidoscope.


7 thoughts on “Eye suck

  1. Definitely wishing you the best on the eye surgery. Just reading this post made me pause where you spoke of hardly being able to see your daughter on stage and crying.

    No, it’s not permanent and that’s the good thing.

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