The “date”

And  I put “date” in quotations because it really wasn’t a date.

I met a guy and he asked me out. I accepted even tho I didn’t feel he was my “type”. I’m all for having a good time these days so I said, what the hell and just went with it. He asked me out Monday and I didn’t hear from him until Wednesday evening when I text him,

“You ask a sista out on a date then don’t talk to her anymore? What’s up with that?”

He replied, ” Oh no it’s not like that. I was gonna call you this evening.”

Sure, I thought. I wasn’t gonna hear from this guys unless I reached out to him. That was a red flag for me.

He ended up calling me that evening and we had a conversation. I explained to him that I had just gotten out of a relationship and wasn’t in the market for anything serious. I was just trying to hang out and have a good time. He seemed to be cool with that.

During the course of our conversation, he said something that was another red flag for me.

“I’m the type of guy who isn’t in a rush. I feel like if I don’t do it today, I’ll get to it tomorrow.”

I scratched my head at this one. Who puts things off until tomorrow? Tomorrow isn’t promised. People need to live in the here and now and stop waiting for tomorrow.

To say I was a little turned off was an understatement, especially since this was the reason he was giving me for not contacting me first.

So Friday rolls around and he texts me that morning greeting me and saying he’ll see me that evening. I said okay and went on about my day.

He wanted to meet me at 7pm so I got my niece to watch Jas and I text him around 6:15 asking what the plan was. By 630 he texts me back with, “I’m sorry sweetie but I’m gonna have to take a rain check.”

I rolled my eyes so damn hard and didn’t bother responding to the message and I haven’t heard from him since.

I wasn’t going to waste a  baby sitter and an evening out so I called up a guy friend who I had been talking to for a little over a week and asked him if he wanted to hang out. Now mind you, I’m not interested in this man romantically and I’ve made that clear to him more than once. I don’t want him feeling like it could be something when I don’t feel it. I do however feel like he could be a great friend. We met at a local Starbucks and sat there talking and laughing for 3 hours. It was really a good time, but it wasn’t a date.

So I have yet to go on a date but I have continued to meet some very interesting people. Let the adventures in dating begin!


14 thoughts on “The “date”

  1. Well, the bright side of this situation is that you probably dodged a bullet with guy #1. He sounds like a guy who has an excuse for everything. Glad you were still able to hang out and have some adult company and laughs.

  2. What a freakin jerk loser. I cannot believe he did that! Like if you hadn’t have called and confirmed, would he not have said anything? Dude grow up.
    Kudos for you for still getting out!

  3. So really, who calls 30 minutes before a date and cancels? And he wasn’t even gonna call probably! Smh!
    And um, that not date? Yeah, I went on one of those with Cdub and swore he was just a good friend even though we laughed and talked for four hours. 10 years later……

  4. Hey lady! I take a leave of absence and you’ve gone single and dating again! Way to nip the weeds in the bud quick! You deserve nothing but flowers! May the odds be forever in your favor!

    • you can’t leave me for so long. So much as happened in the past few weeks. I’m single and mingling and not hating it too much lol.

  5. Oh my goodness. It’s so great to get to see what kind of man he is BEFORE wasting your time and getting your feelings and emotions all caught up. Kudos to you for seeing the red flags!

    • who cancels a date 30 moniutes before it should begin? That’s just dumb. I’m glad I went out and still had a good evening though, even if there is no romantic connection on my part.

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