Christina’s inspiration for Trouble with Love (Blog book Tour)

Hi!  I’m Christina Jones, author of “The Trouble With Love”, which tells the story of twin sisters Cameron and Jaleesa (Jai) as they navigate the sometimes murky waters of love.  ttwlcover

When I started writing this book, I didn’t know that my main character even had a sister, let alone a (fraternal) twin!  The Trouble With Love was originally Cameron’s story.

I was watching something on TV, probably some crappy reality show, and something about finding a man who fit this ideal list of characteristics was mentioned.  The person really thought that if they could just meet this perfect guy, and fall in love, everything else would just fall into place.  But life never is quite that neat, is it?

cameronSo, I started brainstorming, and Cameron introduced herself to me.  She was well-organized, a business owner, health-conscious, mostly pleasant, attractive, etc. Plus, she already had the ‘dream’ guy: handsome, charming, successful Kyle. Cameron had a very carefully constructed image of perfection, and she puts a lot of effort into maintaining that.

But then, as always, reality strikes, and during Cameron’s crisis, Jai introduced herself. A twin who didn’t even look like the other one!

jaiJai was willing to get a little rowdier than Cameron.  She’s a little more fun, more relaxed, more outgoing.  She also has terrible luck with men. Jai’s story opens with the end of a relationship, then goes right into another pretty major fail.

These events lead to a story of being open to love when it happens, and not being limited by your failures.

Unfortunately, their failures aren’t the only things adding complications.  A pretty major event leads to some significant adjustments for Cameron, and an ongoing ailment becomes problematic for Jai. And, at some point, the sisters have to actually run their businesses.

So, The Trouble With Love is a snapshot into a pretty hectic year in these women’s lives!

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