What you won’t do for love

You’ve tried everything

but you won’t give up -Bobby Caldwell

And I can’t give up is more like it.
My Honey found new employment after 2.5 months of not working steady. I’m happy he found a gig but not so happy that its taking him out of state again.

He came over last night so we could talk. He knew full well that I didn’t want him to go that far, but I am fully aware of how him not working effects us all.

So after tears were shed and feelings were exchanged and heard, he asked me, sincerely not to give up on him. I looked him in his eyes as he stared into mine and told him I wouldn’t. And I won’t.

Love will make us do things we never thought it would. Take us to places we never thought we’d go. But in the end. It’s all worth it. The lessons are always worth it.

God told me to press forward once I prayed on it and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Pray for me y’all. Pray for us.


8 thoughts on “What you won’t do for love

  1. Stand by your man, Krissy. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m a man who insists that my woman stand by me. Lol. I’m saying it because clearly you are in love. Don’t give up on love!

    • I don’t plan on giving up. The last time we did long distance it was just really rough on me. I’m hoping this time around proves to be different.

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