FauxHawk for kids and product review

Last night I decided it was time to get back into the swing of braiding Jas’s hair regularly. She hadn’t had braids since christmas and I had really just gotten lazy when it comes to taking care of her hair. I know if I want it to continue to grow and be healthy that it will take effort on my part.

Recently she had been wearing a pony puffPhotoGrid_1392997348590or a bun and for the past 2 weeks she wore it in 2 french braidsPhotoGrid_1394808595479Those were the things I could do quickly in the morning before school so she had to roll with it.

All of her styles were kept neat and moisturized by using 2 products which I call “Magic in a jar”OO_Girls_Taming_Gel_130125_DCS_00241ORS Fly-Away taming gel works great on both of our heads. I use it to smooth my edges down and I use it on Jas to make her hair stay in place. It’s the only thing I have tried so far that works well.

The other is African Pride Dream Kids Quick Bounce detangling pudding. I use it to keep Jas’s ends moisturized. It adds shine and makes her hair easy to manage.

For last nights style, I went with something I know lasts her almost 2 weeks. Her braided FauxHawk. I started with hair that was washed and conditioned the previous night.

1395881541676I then started at the bottom row parting diagonallyIMG_20140326_180209I find for this style that working in sections works best for me, so I did one ponytail at a time. I would take down a section, comb it out, then part. I used an alligator clip to hold the hair out of the way while I worked. I applied some ORS fly away gel to the roots before I started a braid and applied the African pride to the section I was going to twist.

We watched The Minion movie and the first half of RIO and then I was done. I say the whole process took no more than 45 minutes to complete. It’s a quick and easy style and with these products along with a silk sleep bonnet, your style will last more than a week.

PhotoGrid_1395887041916Jas was pleased with the final product. She went to her mirror and came back to tell me it was so cute.

*Disclaimer* I was not compensated to review these hair products. I purchased them at the beauty supply with my own money.


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