The thing about writing

Writing anything can be pretty difficult. I wrote poetry for years and didn’t become GOOD at it for quite some time. I got so good in fact that I was asked to be published in poetry books a few times. I declined most of them because I was boujie and didn’t enjoy the samples of other peoples work compared to mine.

I stopped writing poetry some years ago. I just lost my passion for it.

I starting writing my short novels as a hobby last year and it has become my new passion (aside from beautifying someones head)

But writing isn’t always an easy thing to do. If the words aren’t just flowing from your fingers it can become hard and even stressful. I never want it to be hard and stressful which is why my third book currently titled “Another Relationship” seems to be taking be forever to get anywhere.

This book is different from my previous work ( which are still available for purchase by the way here ) . It’s going to be a full length novel for one and while my characters are African American, I’d like for this story to be relatable to ALL people not just MY people. I never want to be placed in a box. So I’ve worked tirelessly on my character development. I’ve been working closely with people who don’t mind telling me the truth about something I’ve written, and are willing to get me together about whatever it is.

The thing about writing is, even though I take it seriously I never want it to become something so serious that I no longer enjoy doing it. It’s just like blogging for me, I only do it when I feel like it.

Any other writer out there that just go with the flow? Oh and while you’re here go check out my guest postΒ  about writing male characters over at Being Mrs. Jones.


8 thoughts on “The thing about writing

  1. You are doing it. That’s what matters. I always say that every one of us feels like we have a story to tell. The difference between an author and someone who wants to tell a story is that the former actually does it. You’re a step ahead

  2. That’s how I felt not too long ago with my novel. Taking a break is good, but also just take the time to reevaluate your story. Sometimes, we get so far in a book and invested in what wrote that when the plot or a character is no longer working, we don’t want to take it out or start over. At the end of the day, I know that Another Relationship is going to be an amazing book.

    Your passion for writing really shows and I can’t wait to read it when it’s done!

  3. I completely get it, I wrote poetry all through high school and even read one at graduation and around junior year of undergrad I lost it. I have so many ideas and stories floating around in my head it’s all about sitting down and writing them out. I can see the movie and get the feel of the story but just can’t put the plot together. But I agree w Trina…step away and don’t think about it because then it’s a JOB when you come back the fun will be all in it.

    • That’s how I was with poetry. I just lost it lol. I take long breaks from my book and just go back to it when the mood strikes. It’s the best way for me.

    • Oh and Candace if you have ideas I say write them.down. starting a story will be easy after that. I can help if you’d like.

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