Yesterday was good. . . until it wasn’t

*disclaimer* If you’re not a pet lover this post probably won’t mean a thing to you.

Yesterday I came to work nervous about some breast pain I had been having for about a month. I was becoming increasingly concerned so I called my OB. They set an appointment for 11am. I went and got checked out. I was told that it’s probably just my hormones causing the pain and it should subside. All of my nerves were gone after that and I was happy to return to work knowing my breasts were good.

After work I picked up Jas from school


and we went and got my older sister since we both needed to go grocery shopping. My sister comes to the car with Max, her friends small Dog.


She kind of dog sits for him when her friend has to work. He always rolls with us and he’s the only dog jas likes.

So my sister gets in the car and tells us Max isn’t feeling week. I ask her what’s wrong with him and she says,

“he’s breathing weird, like he has something in his throat.”

I look over at Max does seem to be having a hard time breathing but it isn’t too hand when he’s still. She put him down and he laid at her feet while we drove to the store. Max was sleeping when we got there so we let him rest while we went in. When we were done he had climbed over to the divers side and was under my seat. I talked to him and gave him a little water before we were on our way to drop he and my sister back off at home.

When we get there we let Max out to do his business but he didn’t want/need to. He usually climbs the stairs himself but yesterday, he had no energy for it so my sister carried him into the house.

My sister left her cell in my car so she made sure Max was comfortable at home before we walked the block down to my place to get it. I drove her back home and about 10 minutes later she calls me crying.

“Max was throwing up blood when I came back. S ( her friend) was here and now Max isn’t moving. He’s just laying there trying to breathe through his nose. Oh My God, this is so sad.”

Jas comes into the room and can hear her auntie crying so she’s asking me what’s wrong. I tell her Max is still sick.

“Maybe Max just needs some rest and then he’ll feel better.” Jas says.

At this point I get off the phone with my sister and S. They are both really upset and so am I.

“Is Max gonna be okay mommy?”

“I don’t think so baby. You probably won’t ever see Max again. He’s gonna go to Doggy Heaven.”

“To Heaven?”

“Yes baby, you remember what that is?”

“Yea, it’s in the sky where God lives.”

“That’s right. He’ll go to Heaven and then he’ll be okay.”

Jas goes back in her room and obviously thinks about this some more. Kids have a way of knowing things no one else knows. It’s amazing and strange all at the same time. Jas comes back in my room and says to me,

“I think Max just went to Heaven mommy.”

“Yea he probably isn’t gonna go to heaven.”

Not 2 minutes later my sister texts me and tells me he’s gone.

Instantly I feel so bad for S. Max was about 7 years old and anyone with pets knows that’s quite a life. It made me think about my Bayley who lived to be 11 and passed on suddenly in his sleep in 2008Image

So yea, yesterday started with Good news and ended on a very sad note. R.I.P Max.


14 thoughts on “Yesterday was good. . . until it wasn’t

  1. I just lost my lil Yashi in December…and I was very blessed to have him 14 years….but I wanted him 14 more. Pets are so easy to get attached to because of the unconditional love.

    RIP Max…

  2. I definitely get very attached to my pets. We’re currently trying to figure out what kind of pet we can get when we move for the kids and honestly, I’m little worried because Moo gets attached quickly. She’s never really had to experience the death of a pet, except for her tadpoles but they died the same day she got them.

    RIP to Max. At least he’s not suffering because that can be just as difficult to watch and handle. Having a pet with a long term sickness or disease just brings up more emotional feelings because at some point you then become responsible for deciding when to pull the plug and that is just as tough.

  3. Aww. I was prepared to jokingly say this post dont mean a thing to me (based off your first sentence) but it was really sad. I know people get really attached to their pets so I know you guys were hurt. Sorry for your loss. Do you know exactly what was wrong with him?

    • No idea what was wrong with him but like Teresha pointed out, different breeds have different things they suffer from with age. I know Chows, like Bayley get arthritis as they age and have issues with their joints.

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