Randoms before the weekend

Hey y’all! Happy friday!

Fridays are when I feel the most random so I’ll hit you with some. .  .

I’ve been suffering from slight insomnia lately. I LOVE sleep! You hear me!? I LURVE it! But I don’t think it loves me right now.

I hate stupid questions, even from my toddler. When the sun is shining, please don’t ask me if it’s foggy. That’s just stoopid.

“Friend” told me her husband has been drinking a lot and his friends were so worried they called his parents. I told her, “Instead of talking bad about him, try and figure out what’s bothering him because it’s obviously something. I left it at that.

I have great friends!

I had to take my NEW car to the shop because a gate hit my driver’s side in the front. It took them 2 days to fix but in those 2 days I had to ride around in a Chevy Sonic. A bright red one at that. When I say I missed my big car. I really missed it. I felt like I was ” took big in there” Wasn’t cute!

I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday. I can’t stand baby showers. I hope it’s not too corny.

I’m working on my third book. I’m excited about it. It’s different from my other books.

Speaking of other books, they are still selling even without me promoting them. Slow, but selling non-the-less and that’s something to be proud of.

I booked my flight to Chicago this summer. I’m excited for our reunion. I love spending time with my family.

My 85yr old granny called me talking about her ipad. she had an ipad but still uses a flip a phone. she’s too fancy for me.


Well, I hope y’all have a great weekend! I’m gonna try to!


8 thoughts on “Randoms before the weekend

    • The games for one and being forced to participate. How long they are too. Mine was just a get together. No games just friends and food. We did a diaper raffle tho.
      But yea games, long pauses between games in they have them. Not opening your gifts while your guest are there. And just the overall cheesiness. It just needs to be a good time.

  1. Is your friend ready to get out of her marriage because it sounds like his friends have stepped up more than she has. I mean I would feel some type of way if my in-laws had to hear that my husband had a drinking problem from his friends instead of me. I definitely agree that it’s time to stop the complaining and start taking action. Marriage (relationships in general) require action and not lip service.

    It sounds like he’s trying to cry for help, but she’s not hearing it or just ignoring it because she’s overwhelmed. However, neither of those will fix the problem. And if her husband really does have a drinking problem, she should be worried about what else that could lead to if it gets worst. I’ll lift them both up in prayer though. I hate to see or hear about a marriage failing if it can be saved.

    • Oh she got an answer. It was, “does it look like its foggy outside?” And that was the end of that silliness.

      Ain’t nothing wrong with making a coint girl! Do it!

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