Valentine. . .

Do you guys celebrate Valentine’s day?

I don’t. i think it’s rather cheesy and I don’t want to only be appreciated one day a year. Is that weird? Probably lol. Does anyone else hate when people say “Valentimes”? Just ugh! #Random lol

What I do celebrate is my Granny’s bday! She was born on February 14th 1929. That makes her 85 is you did the math. I really do hope I am blessed to live a life as long and fulfilling as hers as been. She’s still very self sufficient although shes noticeably short lol. She had a few minor health issues that comes with older age but we are so blessed to still have her around.

On friday she’s having a party. . . yea you read that right and I wish I was going to be in ATL for it. I’ll be there in spirit tho.


10 thoughts on “Valentine. . .

  1. We celebrate it but not like it being just a couple’s thing. For us Valentine’s Day is like a National Day of Love or something. We send cards to our extended family and friends. We don’t go all out. Our anniversary is coming up and that’s always been where we’ve splurged on flowers and dinner.

  2. It’s funny how before I got married, I was OBSESSED with Valentine’s Day. OBSESSED I tell you! But now, I don’t really care. If he brings home flowers, awesome. A card?Awesome! We have sex at home after the boy is asleep? AWESOME.

  3. It hasn’t really been my thing either. I don’t think I ever really had a gift from someone that I wanted it from. Maybe I am bitter. LOL Even though its cheesy (especially when people go over board) I do feel like “where is my flowers?” when everyone around me has something. Happy Birthday to your grandmother. I want to live long like that too!

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