I’m bothered

So I have a “Friend” who is having martial issues with her husband and she has been for a couple of years. I really like her husband. I think he’s a really nice guy.

“Friend” sit around and talks negatively about her relationship while the other women around kiki it up for their own amusement. That bothers me for 2 reasons. 1. It’s none of their business. and 2. why would someones relationship issues be a source of amusement for you?

I really want to tell her to stop doing that. Keep that to yourself and stop badmouthing him, especially if you’re not leaving him.

Today a lady who sits next to “Friend” asked her, “So what are you doing for valentines day?” Friend says, “Oh, probably nothing.” Other chick says, “With a husband like yours, I knew that was the case.” and proceeds to crack up. I’m over here thinking to myself, why is this okay? and where they do that at? If “Friend” doesn’t bring it up then you shouldn’t feel free to comment in that way.

It bothers me a lot. It took everything in me just now not to call the lonely bitter lady out and not to snap at “Friend” and tell her, stop talking to this bitch about your situation. She isn’t your friend. She loves that you’re going through it.

But I didn’t. I just plugged my earbuds in and zoned out to my music.

I was reminded why I keep my business to myself around these parts. smh.


20 thoughts on “I’m bothered

  1. I’m all for venting but get a therapist or go to your pastor for that or take it to Jesus. And if you are going to vent to a friend, make sure the person is actually a true friend and stick to telling the facts and not putting your spouse down because there is a difference.

  2. I totally believe in keeping your business to yourself. Whether things are good or bad. Out of respect for marriage, it’s not cool to talk bad about your spouse like that. If nothing else, you look dumb for sticking around, ya know?

  3. “Kiki it up”? Never heard that before. Maybe having people joke about it is the only way she can get through it, I mean why else would someone put up with that? It doesn’t make any sense otherwise.

  4. I think you should say something to your “friend.” Because she may not even realize what she is doing. Women tend to get together and chit chat bout their husbands and she probably isn’t even thinking about how deep this really is.
    She probably needs you to bring it to her attention.

  5. Not cool at all! That is the quickest way to tear down a relationship – venting to bitter broads. Marriage is hard enough without having bitter broads remind you of the hard times. Woosaaah, this made me mad too. “Friend” needs people that will encourage her in her relationship. She needs to be selective in her sharing because those bitter broads rejoice in others’ misery.

  6. OMG my mouth is hanging open. That is not cool. I have a few friends in that situation but I don’t give much of an emotional opinion on their relationship. I certainly would not joke about it either. I would have probably IMed her real quick if you have instant chat in the office. As well talk to your friend about why SHE is not bothered by this. That is a red flag to keep her business to herself. Imagine what they say when she is not around.

  7. Tell your friend not to be surprised when one of those ladies takes her “awful” husband. Girl, I can’t even deal with mess like this. That lady was SO far out of line for that comment. I wish somebody would make a derogatory comment about my husband to me and think she’s gonna laugh about it. Bitch, you thought WRONG.

    Like, I’m really mad about this, lmbo. You should talk to her, she needs to do better.

  8. How close are you to this “friend?” Because if you guys have a relationship out of the office you should definitely go out for coffee or lunch and voice your concerns. Clearly she’s letting the bitter birds know far too much about her relationship and if she works it out with her husband (whom you said is a very nice guy), it’s going to be awkward for him to come to office functions. If she keeps letting the bitter birds speak negatively of her husband and telling them her marital problems she’s gonna end up just like them. Good luck buddy!

    • I agree with that. She an I are cool and we’ve hung out outside of work. A bunch of times. The funny thing is these women have been around him and chat with him and smile in his face. It just bothers me. I’m not sure if talking to her will make a difference.

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