I’m never going to be one of those bloggers who pretends their life is full of sunshine and roses. I’ll never be someone who doesn’t “Keep it real” pretty much all the time. I’ll never be someone who cares too much what anyone else thinks about me and I’ll never be someone who pretends to have all the answers. I say all that to say, life is hard sometimes!

I’m a Sagittarius woman so by nature I am a very emotional person. That doesn’t mean I sit around crying about everything ( although I will get my cry on if I need to, I’m not afraid) it just means that I FEEL everything! I love hard and because of that, I don’t give up on it very easily. If I want something, I will fight for it if I have to.

My current relationship, I’ve been fighting for it for years now. From local to long distance and back again. It’s been a struggle for me mostly emotionally because I am someone who NEEDS physical affection and when someone is gone, it’s pretty hard to get that. And I’m not talking only about sex because of course that’s included but I NEED the person I am with to be physically present a lot of the time. To be with someone who struggles with feeling inadequate and unworthy sometimes can put a strain on a relationship.

REAL men by nature want to be the provider and the protector. When a man feels like he isn’t playing his role correctly they will, at times pull away from the relationship or act out in ways that aren’t typical of them. The latter is what I am experiencing now. and I really don’t know how to deal with it exactly.

You can tell a person until you’re blue in the face that you don’t need their money, just their time. But if they don’t feel that way, your words won’t matter. If all their previously relationships placed importance on how much he brought to the table then that’s how he will think things work not understanding that his current woman isn’t like any of those past girls.

Please pray for my. . . our strength and sanity as we navigate through this rough path. It’s worth it to me to put forth effort because I’ve already invested a lot of time.


27 thoughts on “Life

  1. Nothing as confusing as man who isn’t where he wants to BE in life. Stay patient and reassuring it will all pay off…wishing you nothing but good things always. As the extreme emotional Pisces I completely understand loving hard.

  2. Definitely keeping it real. Love the post and I could feel the emotion in your words. I too love hard, so it’s not easy for me to give up on that which I hold strong feelings for/about.

    Enjoyed the read and you know I’m gonna always tell you to keep your head (good head on your shoulders, you have) up, Krissy.

  3. Fellow Sag here so I get it. And I’ve been in the same situation. Just keep being your supportive self. You’ll know if or when the time comes to do something different. It can be very hard when your spouse can’t see themselves through your eyes. Like a previous commenter; we took a break and came back stronger than ever. It wasn’t easy but some things had to be healed and realized before we could move on together. I’m here to chat anytime. Cyn

  4. I like the introspective summary you kept it real. We all have ups and downs but I think writing things helps to give a clearer perspective and as it goes sharing is caring. We all appreciate a sounding board.

  5. Sending up a prayer for you guys. I know all about being an emotional Sag. We definitely love hard and it’s clear from the previous times that you’ve mentioned him, that adore him. So, hopefully, all he needs is a little time to adjust.

    If he’s been dogged out by women in the past then, he’s going to need a minute. I went through the same thing with my husband and we just ended up taking a break for a year. Was it hard? Yes, but we came back together stronger than ever and he realized that he had to stop letting his past sabotage his present.

  6. Praying for you both… Just remember that you have to go through the ‘test’ to get to the ‘imony’…. God bless!!

  7. Hang in there girl! If he is worth fighting for, then fight. Relationships are not easy. They are hard work. But be sure to keep the lines of communication open. It’s the only way to share your feelings and address the problems you are sure to face. It’s definitely life! Pray on it! I’ll pray, too!

    • Thanks Lexy. You are so right about communication its really important and since this conversation I spoke with him about the way I’ve been feeling. It helped a lot

  8. It’s funny, because I did kinda think of you as someone who would only put the good out there. Not in private, but in the blog. And I get why people do this, so no judgments here, just an observation.

    That being said, I think you have been struggling with this for a long time and I get it. I do. But I also just want your peace and happiness. And “time invested” isn’t always a good enough reason to keep pushing on. Of course I support whatever you do – however, whenever and whyever you do it. But I also think many times you give more of yourself than you get in return and if you don’t need a provider of money, but more of time and love, then you should get it. Point blank.

    • Life isn’t always happy and people who pretend it is arent living real life.

      Unlike a lot of people who read here, you actually know me so you kind of get it. The fact is, I’m not unhappy with him most of the time and the way I feel when he’s around is priceless. We just got off the phone and I explained to him how I’ve been feeling. He understood. It felt good.

  9. Another fellow Sag here when we love and commit we do it with everything we got. I have no answers for you because men are so different they close themselves off and won’t get in deep with their feelings with us well at least mines doesn’t. Praying for you

  10. Preach on fellow Sag. Sending strength your way. I was taking to my friend yesterday how unintentional and long-term unemployment puts a strain on your relation. I am a woman and I feel inadequate when I can’t provide financially. Perhaps you can show through actions that it doesn’t matter instead of words. If it is distance that is the issue, try making plans so that he is scheduled in. Hopefully its harder to avoid and your needs will be met.

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