It’s Monday and I’m feeling pretty random so here it goes

I’ve been wheezing and coughing now for 2 weeks straight. I wish it would just go away.

My honey was laid off the last week of December. It really sucks for him. Not working makes him really depressed.

Anyone else file their taxes already? Just me? Oh. . .

I have to stop being lazy when it comes to Jasmine’s hair. I really just don’t have the time but I have to find some because ALLADAT hair is starting to feel REALLY dry.

My family reunion is this year in Chicago! It should be great times. I miss my big ol family.

I listen to music while I work. I can’t concentrate without it.

I’ve been doing so much hair lately it’s crazy. I’ve perfected Crochet braiding so that’s just another skill I can add to my list of Things Krissy can do well.

My grandmother will be 85 on the 14th of next month. I wish I could afford to go to her party ( at her request) and to my family reunion but both would be pushing it.

Being and independent Author is great but it does have some downfalls. Just know, you set yourself to be criticized and sometimes that criticism is mean and unwarranted but if it’s something you enjoy you just press on. I’m pressing on!

That’s all I got for now. What do you guys have going on?



9 thoughts on “Randomish

  1. Keep pressing on. It’s tough to receive (or not receive) feedback on something so personal, but such is life.

    Hopefully your honey will find something soon. I have a few friends who have been laid off and it makes me sad.

  2. Awww man been there and it’s no fun I hope he finds something soon. This economy sucks and people say it’s better I don’t see it. Yeah being an Author will get you some criticism I have read some of the reviews people have left you and I I want to comment on them all cuss them all out. We don’t get taxes back since hubs gets his money during the yr we break even with the kids so we don’t owe anything back I sure do miss those tax days.

    • I’ve been laid off before too and it is a horrible feeling so I sympathize with him for sure.

      I don’t mind negative comments if they will help me become a better writer but if you’re comments are mean for the sake of being mean, nawl!

  3. I haven’t even thought about filing taxes. A statement came today. I’ll get them done before the deadline.

    Sorry your honey got laid off. I’m sure you are glad to have him around more.

    • Yea I try to remain the positive supportive woman. I did make sure to tell him he needs to think positive also.

      Get them taxes done girl! Lol

  4. So sorry to hear about being laid off. Happened to me many times so I understand the feeling. Hope things pick up for him too. Oh I will be filing before the month is over. We need those funds. I don’t know how I will make out when I have a daughter because I barely do my own hair. Glad to hear music keeps you going… πŸ˜‰ This week our family is trying to figure out if we will stay in the same town once our lease is up. I hate this place but I love the area.

    • Yea he’s pretty bummed. I hope things pick up for him too.

      I do jas’s hair a lot but I do quick and easy stuff. I have to make sure I give her hair care and love too if I want it to keep growing.

      I hope you guys find a new place you love!

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