This my Brothers post on instagram from yesterday. You guys will never understand how proud of this guy I am! Before he started on his road to recovery, I was pretty sure I was going to lose my brother. His addiction had a hold on him so tough that I wasn’t really sure how long we had left with him. He chose faith and followed the program. It’s been a struggle for sure but to hear him talk about his recovery in such a positive way lets us all know that he won’t go back, ever!

As I mentioned before, he started a business, a brand called Sober Fresh. He got his website off and running with the help us his tech savy big sister ( what would he do without me?lol) and items are available for purchase now for anyone who is interested. That brother of mine keeps amazing me with his strength and subservience.


11 thoughts on “Clean

  1. Tell him his virtual/bloggy sister is also proud of him. I can imagine how hard it must be, but to stay the course is an amazing feat. I wish him continued success on his journey.

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