The one where we see Frozen


On Christmas Eve I took my baby girl on a date to the movies. She had been wanting to see Frozen and since we both were off from work and school it was a great time to do it. PlusΒ  we had free tickets from her selling so much chocolate for her class.

We find out seats and laugh our way through the previews. Jas cracks me up the way she gets things at such a young age.

We both LOVED Frozen! We both give it 2 thumbs up! I recommend it to for children and adults alike. It was really well done.

In the movie the topic of death and family are touched upon. On the ride home Jas and I were discussing the the movie and this conversation took place.

Jas: My favorite parts were when the sisters were little girls. I like that.

Me: I liked that too.

Jas: I wish they would have stayed little girls.

Me: Well people grow up, they couldn’t stay little girls forever.

Jas: I know, but, why didn’t the little boy have a family?

Me: Not everyone has a family, he was raised by the Trolls and they became his family.

Jas: Oh, but the little girls had a family.

Me: Yea they did, but their mom and dad died remember? That’s why they were sad. But they still had each other.

Jas: Yea they drowned on that boat. But they would come back.

Me: No baby, when people die, they don’t come back.

Jas: Oh. If you died mommy I wouldn’t be sad.

Me: * getting an attitude* okay baby.

Jas: yea if you died I wouldn’t be sad because you’d come back.

Me: Remember I told you when people die they don’t come back.

Jas: Oh, well if you died I still wouldn’t be sad. You know why?\

Me: Why?

Jas: Because I know there will always be someone to take care of me and I’d always keep your kisses in my heart!

I cried silently. It was the sweetest thing. She gets it and I’m so glad she knows that God forbid I ever had to leave her, she’d always be taken care of.



8 thoughts on “The one where we see Frozen

  1. Awwww that is too adorable. Our biggest hope for our kids is that they never have to deal with something like that.

    My girls loved Frozen too. I tried to stress to them to look at how the sisters loved each other so much and did fight over stupid stuff. Please watch and learn bc yall are driving mommy crazy!

  2. Awww! We haven’t had anyone close to Pookah pass yet. I’m dreading the time when it happens. I really need to take Pookah to the movies soon! I keep hearing this is a great movie! And Jas looks so stinkin cute!

    • We haven’t had anyone close pass since she’s been born and I hope we don’t got a long while but I just love the fact that she seems to understand what’s going on.

  3. What a sweetheart! Love Jas’ look too! My husband is so bad and had Nia watch the first part of it streaming online O_o She’s been talking about it ever since so I’m thinking I just take her to the theater for a matinee MLK weekend . . . Everyone keeps saying what am amazing movie it was and even from the little bit she saw Nia loves singing the Snowman song!

    • Jas is transitioning from the typical toddler sizes to the big kid stuff. The big kid stuff is a little more well, big kid and I’m liking that she doesn’t have to be stuck in 4-5T’s because they’re the same as an XS.

      Take Nia to see it. You’ll love it too.

  4. We’ve had death hit close to home twice in the past few months and I dread speaking about it with children but it is something that we can’t hide.

    We saw Frozen as well. Addison’s favorite part is when everything thawed out and she was like love did that. We should all love each other! You’re right its amazing how they grasp concepts at this age.

    My girl is getting big. Let me book a flight out to Cali!

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