2014. . . I plan to

Hey guys! I hope the second day of the new year is treating you well!

Unfortunately for this cold I’m nursing, I’m back at work today and Jas went back to school. We have to get back to our routine because Jas not trying to wake up this morning and I was late to work. We can’t have that!

With a new year comes resolutions for most people. I don’t do resolutions. I never have. This year I do plan to do a few things though.

  • I plan to be happy! That sounds really simple but with the trials and tribulations of life, sometimes happiness can be derailed. I plan to keep my happiness on track this year.
  • I plan to stay on a healthy path. I want to make sure I take better care of myself. I want to live as long as I can and I have to do my part to help myself do that.
  • I plan to pamper myselfย  a bit more. I spend a lot of time worrying whether everyone else is okay that I forget about myself. I need to make sure I’m okay FIRST!
  • I plan to write a full novel! I’ve already started this one and it’s a little scary because it out of my writing comfort zone. I’m just for the challenge though.
  • I plan on continuing to build a stronger relationship and foundation with my honey. We hit a few snags last year but we recovered well from them. Relationships aren’t easy but they are worth it and necessary.
  • I plan to continue to make sure my child is healthy and happy. I’ve had 4 years of success with that so far. I’ll keep that going forever!
  • I plan to really figure out my plan for my career change. I’m pretty excited about it and can’t wait to start.


Do you guys have any big changes ahead? Did you make any resolutions? How fast are you going to break those? lol


2 thoughts on “2014. . . I plan to

  1. One major change I want to make is to make sure that I see my girls at least once a month. I did a poor job with that last year. Can’t wait to read the novel.

  2. I’m with you on the pamper yourself plan. I realized that I went an entire year without a massage. That is a FAIL!

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