Hey y’all!

It feels like it’s been forever since my last post. A lot has been going on and I’ve been a busy girl.

My book has just finished being edited. Once I make the suggested changes, I’ll be publishing it. How exciting! ( Shout out to my OG bestie Alicia!)

I am working on a second book. It kind of picks up where the 1st one leaves off except I chose to use 1 other characters from the first book to focus on.

I’ve been doing lots of hair! I’ve mastered the crochet braids and it’s become a hot hair do for my clients. I love it because it’s quick, cute and low maintained. I almost wanna do my own. . . almost!

Jas is enjoying being 4. She’s learned to spell and write her own name. She’s really good at it aside from the upside down “M” and the backwards “N” and the “E” with 4 lines instead of 3 lol. It’s so cute. I know she’ll be ready for kinder next year.

My moms birthday is tomorrow and my granny gets in from atl tomorrow too. I’m so excited for both events!

Jaylon is out of the hospital and back to his normal self. I really want to thank you all for your prayers. You guys rock.

What’s been going on with y’all?


8 thoughts on “Hey y’all!

  1. Glad he is out of the hospital and doing much better. Yay to being 4 and can’t wait to add your book to my must read I am going to get back into reading for the New Year and I have started now.

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