The one where we visit the Aquarium of the Pacific (pic heavy)

Last Saturday, My oldest sister, my nephew Miles, My niece Deja, Jas and I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I had never been to the Aquarium and Jas hasn’t either. Image

We had a great time going from exhibit to exhibit viewing the all the different sea creatureImage

Jas spent most of the time looking for “Nemo and Dory” in the tanks. She finally found them!ImageImage


ImageImage Jas was much braver than me and even put her hand in the water to touch a fish. I was having no parts of it. Especially after the guide told us that the sting rays have slime on them. Nawl!Image

We had a great time and we capped it off with getting a few souvenirs!Image

I’ll be taking her back again at some point. It was a really nice experience!

12 thoughts on “The one where we visit the Aquarium of the Pacific (pic heavy)

  1. I really have to take Pookah back to the Aquarium. Last year, when he went the first time, he lost.his.damn.mind. But he was scared. But still…..
    I think it’s time to try again!

    • i think any time before now would have been the wrong time for jas. She’s getting over her fear of things so she isn’t as scared as she used to be of random stuff, like fish lol

  2. I am digging her top puff. She has so much hair, but God gave her the perfect mommy to manage that mane, lol. I have yet to take Marlie to the aquarium. She would shout, “there’s Nemo over there and there!” if she saw that tank

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