Lets talk about S.e.x

Lets talk about sex shall we!

I know this topic isn’t for everyone but we’re all adults here so if you’re not feeling it I’m not mad atcha.

So I can safely assume that pretty much everyone who stops by here gets it in, or at least you have since mostly everyone who stops by here is a parent.

So I’d like to know from you guys Do you get it in?

If you’re in a relationship how often?

Married folks, Do you still get it in? Do things dry up ( literally and figuratively speaking) once you’re been married awhile? If so, why is that?

I’m gonna tell some of my business really quickly. I enjoy sex. Once you’ve found the right partner it can be perfect. If I could, I’d have sex everyday, more than once. My honey working out of town prevents that from happening so I get it when I can get it. I don’t expect my desire for sex to diminish once I get married.

A few of my co-works, all married women seem to turn their noses up if the topic of sex with their husbands ever comes up. That baffles me! You married the man. I assume you were once attracted to him, what changed!? It confuses the hell out of me. It’s like folks get married and start sleeping in separate twin size beds like Lucy and Desi. I’m not with that plan.

I think I may have to draw up a sex contract before I get married. Not that we have any problem now but if lack of sex is a condition of marriage then Nawl!

14 thoughts on “Lets talk about S.e.x

  1. We still get it in my friend! It does get harder to find the time so we have to sorta “schedule” it. We dont wanna be up too late bc we got stuff to do the next day! So if my hubs tells me hes going to bed, and I look at the clock and its 9:00, I know that means “Join me and we can roll aound in these sheets for an hour and still get to bed at a decent time so I can go to work tomorrow.” That how grown ups do sex!

  2. HAHAH yes Ms. Mack. Sexy AF! We get it in but not half as much before my son got here. I am dead tired. Husband works nights and baby nap time is looking for a job, write a blog post, or clean this messy house before he gets up. I don’t turn my nose to the convo at all. I feel like we always end up talking about something related to sex when we are around other adults anyway.

  3. I think there are many factors that have to be considered when speaking about marrieds and “lack of sex” – although I don’t think it’s lack of desire, like many have already said, but just energy and/or time. I can say that I used to be like “every day! gotta have it” especially when I didn’t work as much or I wasn’t with my husband all the time or before our last two children came around – they are now 5 and 7 (when we met I had my two boys from my previous marriage). I think when you’re not married or living with someone, there’s that “absence making the heart grow fonder” thing – you have time to miss one another and can’t wait to be with each other (kids or no kids). When you’re married, and get into a routine and have kids on top of that – energy levels kind of get the best of you. Add age and/or the demands and stresses of your job and you have even more of a factor.

    My husband and I used to have sex at least three to four times a week. That was before our daughter (my 4th and last baby) was born. After that it dropped to like 2x a week – if that. I was just too busy! Four kids, school, activities, work, household demands… it’s a lot. But I know for a fact he still gets it more than his friends do so he does not complain unless we’ve gone over a week and a half of ‘radio silence’. hahah

    My husband would like to do it more, but he will even tell you – sometimes you just are too dang tired (emotionally and physically). But we still get in our quickies. We’ve locked kids out in the backyard while we romped without fear of them busting in or had some fun in our walk-in closet while they watched movies or cartoons in their TV room, and of course the quick before falling asleep or weekend morning action – but it’s definitely not like it used to be. Every night is not a priority. I’m not 20 anymore. hahah

    • Don’t get me wrong, since he’s gone I miss him more of course but, I’m the kind of woman who could have sex daily regardless. It doesn’t have to happen everyday but it would be nice if it did. Hell if I’m.stressed it helps me unwind. When he is here for months at a time and we are in our routine, I still want it. The main thing is you married ladies aren’t telling me you turn into roommates in separate beds with your husbands

  4. I definitely think that kids, the stress of combining two households (added bills) and other things that comes along with living with someone else full-time plays a big part in the lack of sex some married couples have. But there are definitely creative solutions and compromises to made to keep the romance alive. Usually when kids get older, it gets somewhat easier to find the time for sex because they can entertain themselves, they go to school, etc.

  5. Lol as a married women we are good if we get it in three times a month. My hubs works 6 days a week from sun up to sun down so when he gets home we are dealing with kids by the time they are in bed he is asleep and I am up working on my things at night. We don’t date since we don’t have regular babysitters so its hard to get in the mood when he is so tired and we do the same things day in and day out. I think for those who have support and can get in that date night more and spend time together they should be doing it several times a week.

  6. welllll. Before I got married, you could say me and Cdub went at it like rabbits.
    Then, we got married, and still went at it like rabbits.
    Then, we had Pookah………..
    You see, the problem is not lack of will. Hell, we want it, but do we have the energy or time to do so? Not that much. But we have perfected the art of the quicky. and the art of being silent in the same damn room. We are still rabbits at heart, but just don’t have to energy, time or opportunity to practice as much…..

  7. As a married one I will say that during spurts the sex can slow down quite a bit. Kids and scheduling can make it hard to “make time”. We married folks still like sex though. You have an advantage not seeing your honey often so you can go at it like rabbits when you do see each other. Sometimes when WE get alone sexy time is going to sleep before midnight. LOL

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