Dear Kelly

Dear Kelly Price,


When you came out with “Friend of mine” That was my jam! I loved your voice and how smooth it was. I was an instant fan! I sing from time to time and your records are some of the best to sing for my voice.

You’ve always seemed to me like a sweet and humble woman. That is, until you signed up for R&B Diva’s LA. I’m gonna give it to you straight, no chaser, that was a bad move for you! Actually it was horrible! Within 3 episodes my entire perception of you had changed. You were bossy, rude, disrespectful and you kept coming on-screen looking a hot ass mess about the head. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. You have treated those other women like you were better than them, like you aren’t all in the same boat. You’re “busy”? No one is checking for you Kelly! Your last album was horrible with the exception of maybe 3 songs! It would have been 2 but Stokely helped you make a hit. THAT “Not my daddy” song is a hit BECAUSE of him, not you. I wasted $9.99 on that album supporting an artist I like . .  I mean LIKED.

I can’t get down with a shitty attitude. That alone negates everything else you have done. Crazy ass Dawn has tried to blame your antics on editing. They can’t edit you into being mean, rude and downright crazy. The things they got on film they got because you said or did them! So please don’t try to go the Nikki Gilbird route and say it was editing and the producers because clearly, this is who you are.

Kelly, homegirl, you need to get it together. You are have truly blocked your blessings and lost a bunch of fans in the process because you want to show your tail. Like I said, R and B Diva’s LA was not a good look for you. Think again before you do another show unless it’s strictly about singing. Leave reality shows to those people who want that type of attention and need that 15mins of fame.


A former Fan


22 thoughts on “Dear Kelly

  1. I forwarded this blog to Tracy (@traycee30) on Twitter cause she always comments on how difficult Kelly is on that show, so I know she loved reading your post. I only know Kelly Price from a song she did with R. Kelly back in the day.

  2. Haven’t watched, but I think reality shows are bad for people in the business. They usually have well-crated images and can’t stick to the script 24/7 so their true nature is revealed. It sounds like she should stick to singing

  3. Desperate times called for desperate measures and I guess that’s why she signed on to do the show. All I can say is that at least her fans know what her true color is.

  4. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! I was such a huge KP fan…until this show hit. She is truly a diva…the bad kind! She has ruined her entire reputation in 3 weeks. That has to be some type of record!

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