The look

Do you guys know what the look is? If you’re around my age or older I’m sure you do. But if you don’t let me explain it to you. The Look is a non verbal cue moms give to their kids. I call it the Mama Look. My mom had The Look down pact and I have perfected mine with my child.

I remember when I was younger and if there was any whining going on my mom would shoot us a look that said “knock it off” and we would. Or a look at said, “I’m not having it” or a look that said, “You know better”. I have perfected those looks and give them to Jas on a regular basis. She knows what they mean and she acts accordingly.

When Jas is doing something she knows she probably should she looks to me for the Mama Face before doing whatever it is she’s doing or before continuing whatever it is. If she gets The Look, whatever it is, is shut down with the quickness.

Here are a few of The Looks. . .


This is the “you better knock it off” Face



This is the “You know better” Face



this is the “Child, don’t make me have to get up” Face

The Face is awesome because I don’t have to get loud or fuss and I don’t have to spank. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I have to do some or all of those things but The Face works a good 98% of the time. I do it all the time and folks rarely know it’s been done.

If you don’t already have a Mama Look in your mommy arsenal of tricks. . . it’s  probably too late to include them lol. I’m only being real. I started giving Jas The Look before she was a year old so she’s grown up so far knowing what each look means.


What are some non-verbal things you do with your kids that let them know you mean business?


16 thoughts on “The look

  1. What about “the EYES?” My mom has the biggest eyes ever and would make them even bigger at me and it would scare me SO bad – she *still* does it and I do it to Nia. It makes her SO mad but doesn’t do much scaring.

  2. lol im trying to work on my look. i think i squint my eyes….at this point he just laughs because he is 10months…even though i think i am doing something…he not so much!

  3. My mom had PERFECTED the look. I saw her give Pookah the look about a month ago and I almost bust out laughing at his reaction! It was the same as mine used to be! I have definetly got to work on mine!

  4. I remember that look from pretty much every older woman in our family. I must’ve been a really bad child, cause that look never bothered me. I simply returned to whatever it was I was doing that forced the look in the first place. Ha. My daughter is a young adult, so I don’t really give her any particular look, besides maybe a smirk when she’s acting “grown.”

  5. Hahahaha! I definitely remember getting the look from your mom, my mom, Tutti–hell any mother we grew up around! I don’t even have kids but I give my God brothers the look and they know what time it is. My child will be an expert in non verbal communication before the age of 3, lbvvs!

    Typos? Blame the iPhone.

    Best, Alicia

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