Monsters university

I had been prepping Jas all last week by introducing her to the original Monsters inc movie. She loved it! She watched it ever night for 4 days! Sometimes twice.

On Saturday me and the bestie took Jas and her cousins to see monsters university. We had a complete girls day!





We packed our own snacks for the girls because theater snack prices are outrageous!

We got inside and found some seats are waited for the movie to begin. I must say I enjoyed all of the previews. Some of them even made me laugh out loud. I am looking forward to Free Birds and Despicable Me 2!

About the movie:

My views: I enjoyed it. I liked the storyline and thought it was cute but very grown up. I would say that its not for kids 7 and under. I don’t think that kids younger than that will get it.

Jas’s view: she didn’t enjoy it much. She watched but was bored. She suggested we leave and get hamburgers when the movie was halfway through. She said she likes the other monsters inc much better than the new monsters inc and asked me where the baby was in this one.

If you haven’t seen it and have kids Jas’s age, take her review into consideration lol. That kid don’t play about her movies.

All in all I liked it and would buy it when its available on DVD to add to our collection.

*I was not compensated to write a review. All opinions are my own *


7 thoughts on “Monsters university

  1. Love their matching outfits! Nothing like a girl’s day out at the movies. Moo is not a fan of the first movie and so I have been debating on whether or not to take her. I really want to see it but I think I’ll save the $30 it’ll cost for us all to go to theater and just buy is on BluRay.

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