Jas says the darnest things


Jas cracks me up all the time. She’s a toddler with no filter and at 3yrs old its funny, as she gets older it might not be lol. Let me share with you guys some things she’s said that crack me up and make me shake my head at the same time.

Jas talking to my besties Grandmother….

Jas: Grandma, what’s wrong with your hair?

Grandma: Nothing, what’s wrong with it?

Jas: It looks funny, you didn’t comb it?

Grandma: Yes I combed it

Jas: Oh, you should let my mommy do it, it looks crazy

Funny thing about this story is, Jas is good for telling people something is wrong with their hair or that they don’t have any hair and asking why that is and offering my services to people. We were in target last week and Jas sees a baby…

Jas: Mommy, look, a baby!

Me: I see him!

Jas: Awww he’s so cute, why he don’t have no hair?

Me: Because he didn’t grow any yet ( as i smile at his mom like, sorry she’s 3)

Jas: Why not? I grew my hair.

Me: Yes you did but sometimes babies don’t have hair at 1st

Jas: Well his mom needs to get him some. . .

Me: *face to palm*

(I’m glad the babies mom wasn’t offended because I was sure embarrassed)

Jas made up with entire story about having Frogs in her tummy because she didn’t want to brush her teeth. . .

Jas: Mommy, my tummy hurts

Me: What’s wrong with it? Do you need to boo  boo?

Jas: No, I have a frog in my belly and its jumping around in there

Me: O.o a frog?

Jas: Yes and it hurts really bad so I can’t brush my teeth


That story went on later on that day when my mom asked her about the frogs

Mimi(what the grands call my mom): So I heard you have frogs in your tummy

Jas: Yep, they’re still in there

Mini: what are they doing in there?

Jas: They’re just hopping around in there

Mimi: Are they gonna come out?

Jas: Nope, they want to stay in there

Mimi: Do you need a check up to get them out?

Jas: No. They make me have the hiccups *fake hiccups*

Me: Jas that was a fake hiccup

Jas: No it wasn’t mommy, it was a real one

Me: it was fake

Jas: Yea. . .real. . .fake


Jas: They make me hiccup and then they come out of my mouth when I do like this *leans her head back and opens her mouth real wide* See! They got out! Did you see them mommy?

Me: No were they invisible?

Jas: Yep! Thats why you can’t see em!

Me: smh

My mom bought Jas a art set…

Mimi: Jas are you gonna let your mommy draw with you?

Jas: Mommy is a good nice mommy, but she can’t draw!

Jas to her daddy. .

Jas: You’re my besy favorite daddy daddy. You’re the best daddy I have

Daddy: How many you got!?

Jas: Just you daddy, you so funny and big! You willy willy BIG daddy, like high up the sky!

Jas to me. . .

Jas: Mommy, I love you so much, you’re my best mommy in the whole wide world.

Me: I love you too monkey, your my best daughter in the whole wide world

Jas: *laughing* I like when you say monkey *starts making monkey noises* Monkies say that huh mommy, they go like *makes more monkey noises*

Me: Yes silly girl, they do

Jas: You so funny

Me: smh

Do your kids say some crazy, funny, silly things? Ever been embarrassed by their lack of filter? lol

12 thoughts on “Jas says the darnest things

  1. Im over here cracking up! I can’t (and can) wait for when know starts having conversations. What do you expect when her mommy always has her hair laid? lol She has high standards.

    • I guess i am to blame for keeping her hair nice huh. . . i don’t wanna agree with y’all on that one but I think y’all are right lol.

      I loved when she was able to communicate with me fully. For her it happened early. I hope for you, you get a little time with the gibbrish lol, i would have liked a little more lol

  2. Pookah has no filter. Like the time we were in Target and he saw a little girl bending over:
    Pookah:( loud) mommy, look you can see her little booty.
    I. DIED!

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