I’m Tired. . The one where rant a little bit


And that’s the God’s honest truth!! I’m so tired of being everything for everyone and not doing as much for myself. I’m the ear and shoulder for so many and in being that for others I keep all my crap to myself. Like damn, sometimes I want someone to be a shoulder and a ear for me. I spend so much time being encouraging to folks that I don’t tend to take a lot of my own advice because I’m tired!

I’m good telling folks, “its not that bad, things will get better, count your blessings, look on the bright side, when life hands you lemons. . .” and when I say these things “I truly mean them but I’m tired!

In the process of complaining to me about your life and your problems, you never ask me how EYE AM! You never stop to think that maybe I’m tired of hearing every negative thing you have to say. You never stop to think that maybe your negative shit is bringing me down. You never stop to think that maybe I don’t want to hear you complain. I need a break too!

I’m not saying I won’t listen or that I don’t want to but give me a vacation sometimes. Let me breathe. Let me enjoy being happy for a little bit before you come an usurp all my joy.

I’m tired. . .

If any reading this care compulsive complainer please take some time to think about how your complaining affects the person or people you complain to. And even if they never tell you, they get tired of hearing it sometimes too.


14 thoughts on “I’m Tired. . The one where rant a little bit

  1. I can’t deal with constant complainers. We all have our issues and mountains to climb. It’s ok to complain sometimes, but then you need to know when to shut up and let the person you’ve been complaining to vent too.

  2. I could definitely see constant complaining as getting moldy old. Thankfully, I dont know anyone like that. But you have to look out for your sanity first. Tell ole girl (or guy) to tell you something positive. Maybe it will help give them a better outlook on life since it seems they need one. And chin up girl! Avoid their phone call for a while til you get your sanity back.

  3. Here, here. I find myself playing the same position as you. Lucky for me though, I have less than five people I deal with outside of family.

    Energy vampires really do suck. Ooh, I see what I did there 🙂

    • lol! i see exactly what you did there. I don’t deal with many people outside of family either but man are these folks running me ragged with the complaining

    • I just cant bring myself to tell them that they need to give me a break. It obvious to me that I am who they trust most. That’s a very hard job to be someones sole sounding board

      • Believe me, I know it’s difficult. But it’s more damaging to your relationship with “Debbie Downer” not to speak up. I speak from experience. Next time she (or he) starts with the complaining, interrupt them with “I hear you, but something good must have happened today. tell me about that.” keep redirecting the conversation until it switches from negative to positive. you don’t want to grow resentful of the person

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