Jas is learning some African songs

Jas has an African teacher and she and her husband are teaching Jas some songs in African. It’s the cutest thing!

10 thoughts on “Jas is learning some African songs

  1. No offense intended but “African” is not a language just like “American” is not a language. There are 56 countries in Africa and each have their own languages and dialects etc. So whatever language Jas is singing in depends on where her teacher is from. Would love to know where it is actually since the audio isn’t that clear. Aside from that, great blog!

    • Actually KD I hope I didn’t offend you. I am fully aware that African is not a language and I am also aware that their are several different dialects. I was generalizing because I don’t know exactly where in africa her teacher is from. I’ll be sure to ask tho. Thanks for commenting

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