The Haps!

Hey Guys!

Not much has been going on in my world aside from the usual so I’ll share a few randoms.

Jas is doing awesome at her new school. They love her and she loves them and that’s all i can ask for really.

Honey’s dad isn’t doing well. After his stroke his Alzheimer’s took over and he can not remember anyone. It’s been really hard on the family. I’ve never seen my honey so sad. All i can do is be there to support them.

I’m still tired of my job. I would love a new one. I am so bored with this that I’ve been leaving early just because i feel like it. Something has got to give and soon.

My bestie has to have surgery on her back. She just turned 32. This can’t be life.

Jas has had a growth spurt. She is now fully into her 3T’s and depending on where i get things, she can wear a 4T. She also has moved into her size 7 shoes. My baby is getting big and she tells me often.

Jas has started to tell stories, really elaborate stories at that. Her imagination is off the chain. The story yesterday about the frogs went on for awhile but it was the cutest thing. I’m gonna have to record her so you guys can see for yourselves lol

I really love my new place. It feels like home and that’s all I could ask for. The next time we move will be into something purchased. That’s a few years from now so we’ll just settle in and get comfortable.

My 84 yr old granny got an ipad. My mom thought it was a good idea to get her one because she had to have cataract surgery and wasn’t able to read her bible nightly like she used to. Last night we facetimed  her. It was the cutest thing watching her hold that thing up and us only being able to see her forehead because she said she wasn’t presentable lol

I’m turning into Mimi and polishing my nails every week and have gotten 5 new bottles in the past week and a half. Its really sad lol   

I can’t tell you how many times over the past few weeks I’ve been asked if my brother is single lol smh

That’s all i have for now, what’s new with you guys?



12 thoughts on “The Haps!

  1. Glad you all are getting settled into your new place. JJ has hit a growth spurt too. He’s gone from a size 5 to size 7 in toddler shoes in just three months! I’m glad I didn’t go all out buying him all the shoes I wanted to when I found out he was in a size 6 because he wouldn’t have gotten to really get my money’s worth. My aunt has been a lifesaver and got him a few new size 7 shoes since I can’t seem to find any while I’m still down at my mom’s.

    Happy to hear that Jazz is enjoying her new school too. Moo starts school this August and I’m praying that she loves it and that it will be a good fit for her since there aren’t going to be a lot of black kids there. I went to a mostly white school all my life and there were definitely times I felt a little uncomfortable.

    • I try not to buy Jas too many shoes but I have gotten in the habit of buying her things she can grow into as not to waste money.

      Jas’s new school is a new experience for her too. Her teacher is African, and I mean from Africa. And she’s at a school with pretty much all girls and most of them are Mexican. Her 1st daycare as all black and her 1st school was 2 Mexicans so its a change for sure with the Spanish and what not but she enjoys it

  2. Aww! I’m glad she is enjoying her new school! Ther is nothing like that peace of mind!
    I’m so sorry about Honey’s Daddy. it’s hard.
    I will not join you guys in the nail polish obsession…I will not…I will not…I will not…

    • that peace of mind it an excellent feeling

      I’m just hoping he can deal with this new reality with his dad, it probably won’t get any better

      See, im not obsessed but I do love changing my nails up and often

  3. Don’t blame it on me! So I can expect to see you linking up in the coming weeks?!!

    I hope this new space has room so when I come to visit I will have some space to sleep.
    I feel you on the work issues. I am not sure what I want to do but I do know the process of looking and applying is discouraging.

    • Well it IS your fault ma’am! Lol

      We only have 2 bedrooms but we have plenty of room for folks to get comfy.

      You’ll find something when its time. I feel the same about me. I just hate being bored

  4. I will not turn into mimi…yet but my polish collection is getting bigger than the 3 colors I had…Glad the baby likes her new school they grow fast thats why I only buy 10 outfits per season and 1 shoe per season I can’t be spending money on things they outgrow in a few months.

    • I have a drawer full of polish in my room but its not really that bad .. . yet lol

      I’m so glad I found her a great place to be

      girl i feel you on that. The spring stuff bestie bought will probably get a few things added to it for summer and thats it.

  5. Hey lady! Jas is too cute. She deserves a loving school and comfy home. Go mama for securing all that! count your blessings and pray for those who are facing challenges.

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