The haul


My bestie hooked Jas up with new spring clothes. She went on and went crazy. I’m not complaining though lol.

She got 10 outfits and 2 pair of skinny jeans. She also got 2 pair of mix and match Minnie mouse Pjs. She’s all set for spring and well into the summer







She already wore one to school Friday and looked super cute


I know I’ll pick up things here and there for her as the season changes to summer but we are well prepared for warm weather for sure.

Have any of you gone shopping for warmer weather for yourself or your little ones?

16 thoughts on “The haul

  1. Your daughter is an absolute cutie!!!

    I remember back when my daughter was about that size. Back then, all her daddy needed to do to make her happy was to give her a cookie. My “baby” graduates from The University of South Carolina next week and I’m very proud of her. But there are days when I wouldn’t mind going back to those cookie days.

    • right! Jas isnt really hard on clothes, now shoes. . . that girl can kill a pair of shoes and have them looking years old in a week

  2. I haven’t really started yet, but I did go to Target to pick up a few tees. That’s about it. The weather just went back to being cool, so now I’m in no hurry to pick up more warm weather things.

  3. She is going to be best dressed on the playground! I am so behind on the clothing shopping for my kiddos. I need a fairy godmother to swoop in and wave her magic wand

    • I never know what size Jas will be from season to season. She pretty much goes with her age. At walmart tho she wears a size 4t. Their stuff runs a bit small

  4. My mom sent a box of stuff from Kohl’s last month. Last week I rounded it out with stuff from Children’s place and Walmart. Those 2.64 tanks and shorts are a godsend!

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