Easter weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Aside from my wallet being stolen from my car on Saturday(don’t even wanna talk about it, what an effin hassle that is!), I had a pretty good one

On Saturday we went to the park and Jas had a play date with her cousin Gia


After that I realized someone had taken my wallet from the car so I was a bit down and felt very violated. But we had more plans so we pressed on.

I took my baby girl along with my niece deja and nephew D.j and dejas boyfriend to the Universoul Circus that had been in town. I’ve gone twice before years ago,but Jas had never been. We had a great time


On Sunday we got dressed and headed to my parents so the kids could have an easter egg hunt. It was gloomy but the kids had a blast








all the girls in their Chic Chanta Bows



Over all it was a weekend to remember. How did you spend your Easter weekend? Did your kiddos get dressed up?


8 thoughts on “Easter weekend

  1. Sorry to hear about your wallet being stolen, but glad you all had a wonderful time at the circus and on Easter. We were down at my mom’s for Easter, but I think that next year we’ll stay home because our home church really doing do much. And while I explained to Moo about why we celebrate Easter, I expected the church to continue with that message like we’ve done in the past but they didn’t.

    So, we’ll celebrate out first Easter at our new church next year because I take growing my children’s faith seriously.

    • Completely understandable. That’s partly why I didn’t do the easter basket thing. I don’t want her thinking easter is about candy

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