Jas says the darndest things


I know Jas isnt the only toddler who says the craziest thing. It seems to be the norm with kids really. On any given day  my child says something that makes me wonder, “where in the heck did she get that from?”

She likes to argue and always thinks shes right. My sister called Crabby Patties hamburgers and Jas says, “They arent hamburgers,, they’re crabby patties!” Everything has a proper name and she will correct you if you say it wrong.

Lately she has been telling me, “mommy, can I take a bath now, I’m dirty.” I suppose she thinks if I think she’s dirty, I’ll rush to run her a bath.

She also has been saying “actually” a lot. As in, “actually, I’m gonna eat my fries.” she told me when I told her i was going to throw them away.

The way she tells stories and explains things is also amusing.

Me: Jas did you put all your toys away?

Jas: YES! I did. . . but I didn’t

me: o.O


Jas: Mommy my toes are cold

Me: go put on socks

Jas: Actually, my toes are just fine now

me: o.O

Last week I asked Jas why she was crying at school

Jas:Well when Me and Hailey was playing and I said sumpin(yes sumpin lol) to her and we was fightin and then I cried because thats not nice, but i didn’t cry

me: so you didn’t cry?

Jas: I did because I didn’t but Hailey is my friend

me: -_-

and Lets not forget her Jasisms as i like to call them

Boys are boys because they are boys

When i says its sunny that means its sun

When i say its dark that means its dark

girls are girls and boys are boys

im a girl because i am

and all of her statements are followed by a “right mommy?” for validation

So also has some words she says incorrectly that I am gonna be so sad when she learns how to say them right some of them are

Tookies (cookies)

Sumpin( Something)


The lyrics to Row Row Row your boat ( currently they go “row row row your boat, its down the street, mary mary mary mary, row row your boat”)

yogeet (yogurt)

ice ceem (ice cream)

isshy (itchy)

Shrucks (trucks)

But the sweetest thing she does if give compliments. She tells me my hair is beautiful or she likes my dress or shoes. She tells me im pretty often. She also thanks me for the little things. It lets me know she really appreciates the things i do for her. Just now she thanked me for washing her up in the tub.

Thats my baby girl and she certainly says the darnedest things


11 thoughts on “Jas says the darndest things

  1. I love this post! You need to do a vlog with Jas so we can see her cuteness live 😉 At 2 1/2 I love the incorrect things Nia says too – my fave she’s been saying since about 1 year old is “hoe too me” which means “hold me” or in her mind “hold you me.” It makes me remember when she was small and is adorable when she reaches up to me and says, “Hoe too me Mommy!” I can’t resist her when she says it.

  2. That is so cute. Jay also thanks me at bath time, but it’s when she’s sitting on my lap while I towel her dry. It’s the cutest thing. I love it.

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