Sassy Mouth

So I know many of you have toddlers and all of our babies are within the same age range so I have a question for you all . . .Is your toddler sassing you?

MY toddler has started with the back talk. I can’t stand it and I make sure to shut her down ass soon as she tries to have a come back.

Jasmine seems to have a response to everything! I get so annoyed by it. Anything I tell her to do, instead of just doing it, she has to have something to say. Case in point, a conversation we had on friday:

Me: Jasmine, put your shoes and socks on so we can get ready to go

Jas: I’m am!

Me 2 mins later:Jas didn’t I tell you put your shoes on!

Jas: I’m Bout to!

Me: Jas why can’t you ever just say “ok mommy!?” Why do you always have to say something back. Just say OK and be done with it!

Jas: I said okay mommy!

Me: Rolls eyes hella hard

See, she had taken to wanting to argue about everything. If I say its day, she says its night. I’m trying to nip this in the bud now because I refuse to keep a sassy mouth around.

Are any of you having this issue with your Toddlers? How are you handling it?


17 thoughts on “Sassy Mouth

  1. We’re not fully there yet, but I know it’s coming! I had to let BB know one good time that on the other side of “3,” mommy’s gonna be mad if you don’t listen! I try to be consistent with the counting and I think it’s working. It’ll change when she gets bigger, I’m sure. Hang in there, sugah!

    • Counting used to work well and it still does but the constant need for hee to explain everything bothers me so much. Just say yes mommy and keep it moving

    • I had the same sort of problem but that got nipped in the bud real quick. Took the same approach as you. Your response should be “Ok Mommy” and nothing else. They get it now. If they try it all I have to do is shoot them a look and they straighten up quick fast!

    • Time out has been working well for Moo and her back talk. She also loves books and library. So, I have taken away trips the library too. In the beginning, I had to snatch her up a few times because she was really trying it, but once she knew I wasn’t going to back down and let her talk to me crazy, she eased up. I think the key is just being persistent with discipline and also explaining why talking back is bad.

      It may be a while before you see any progress but it will come.

    • This. Is your son in law. I swear. He has a reason for EVERYTHING he’s not doing. And I can’t STAND a disrepectful child! I feel like I spent all day Sunday yelling, snatching him up and saying threatening stuff through gritting teeth. SMH. I am not here for this toddler life!!!!!

    • Sounds like my Marlie. she is so oppositional and will argue me into an early grave if I let her. I was raised not to talk back and got slapped if it looked like I was even about to sass. I’m trying not to be that way by letting my 3 yo express herself (within limits) and meeting her halfway. I think it’s healthy to let them be challenging within limits so they grow up with confidence and self-esteem. but it’s not easy to walk that line! some parents let their kids get away with too much and some parents shut their kids down too much. I think there needs to be a balance. If we need to be out the door by a certain time, I set out her clothes 15 minutes before and tell her to get dressed. then I walk away. I don’t give her an audience because that’s where the arguments begin. she loves attention even if it’s me yelling and threatening to put her in timeout. I don’t feed the fire. it works most of the time

      • That might work for us. I try not to give her too much of my attention when shes doing the challenging. I’m good at ignoring her when it comes to talk but the talking back to me in that smart tone, I don’t know about all of that. I wasn’t raised that way and she won’t be either.

    • Not yet, mine just ignores the hell out of you until you grab her by the arm, glare into her eyes, then repeat your request through gritted teeth. Toddlers: I am not here for them.

      Sorry I don’t have any advice. But like you, I will not tolerate lip from a kid. Let me know what you work out so I can borrow it.

      • I am currently with that snatch up life! I am also with the gritted teeth thing lol. She eventually gets my drift but I don’t like the back talk at all.

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