Whats the haps!?

Hey y’all! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good. The highlight was that Superbowl halftime show! BEYONCE IS EVERYTHING!!! I also got great pleasure watching Ray Lewis play in and win his last game. A very sweet ending to a career.

So. . .

Honey is traveling again and made my shit list in the process. He didn’t come and say bye to me and Jas before he left. Granted he’ll only be gone 2 weeks this time and his trip was kind of dropped on him a day in advance, but its the principal and i let him know that. He got his little feelings hurt but he’ll do better next time.

Jas is doing GREAT at her new school. We both love it. I hope this will be the place she stays until kindergarten.

I’m gonna be moving soon! I’m really excited to start looking and find a place that feels like home. It’ll be the place we stay until we are ready to make the move to home ownership. I’m not ready for that yet at all so I’m not even gonna entertain it.

I’ve been lightly job hunting. They got me a new spiffy computer that makes me feel like im watching a tv when im doing monkey business at work. It’s purdy. .Β  but not enough to keep me here.

FMIL(future mother in law) has me signing up for all this PCH stuff. I said what could it hurt? I’d like 5K a week for life, who wouldn’t!? lol

My sister you guys have been helping me pray for is going back to work on Wednesday! God is SO good!

My Granny turns 85 on Valentines day. She was born on the perfect day I tell ya!

so… who is gonna come help me move when i find this new place? Don’t all raise your hands at once! lol


8 thoughts on “Whats the haps!?

  1. so many exciting things are happening for you! I am so happy for your sister’s recovery. make sure to give Honey a good spanking when he gets back. wink. wink.

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