My mom, She’s awesome

on November 12th 1954 an angel was born into the world.

My mother, the 4th child in a family that would reach 9 children. My mother started early with the making of children. She got pregnant with my oldest sister when she was 15. My second oldest sister was born when my mom was 17. She went on to have my other sister and then me at the age of 26.

I am her baby. I have always looked up to my mother. She is a strong woman. She made me believe that anything is possible. She made sure her daughters knew that they could do anything they set their mind to and that being a single mother would not stop her from doing those things.

When i was 5 my mom started dating my Dad. My biological father ain’t shit( no really, hes not) and my Dad took on a woman with 4 daughters. He came with 2 of his own, my brother and little sister. We are a blended family but we don’t say “step”. Never have and never will. Unless we tell people, no one ever has a clue that we aren’t all related by blood.

My mom, with my dad showed me that blood doesn’t make a family, love does. She showed me that you can come out of horrible relationships and end up finding the love of your life. My parents are best friends and its a beautiful thing to see, still, after all these years.


My mom went to college in her late 30’s. She got her bachelors ( so did my dad). She taught me that it’s never too late to better yourself.

My mom has also always taught me the importance of family and supporting each other and sticking together. I take my cues from her and try and be the best daughter/sister/aunt/friend/girlfriend I can possibly be.

Yesterday my sister was in a financial bind. She told me about it and I didn’t have the means to help her. She asked me to ask mom for her because she was embarrassed and felt like a failure. I asked mom for her and she was very understanding. Reminding me that we have all been there at one time or another. Mom told me, ” I will find the money for her.” and i wept. I was once again reminded how wonderful my mom is. How awesome of a person she is and how she will do anything for people she loves ( within reason).

I told my mom how great she was and how much i appreciated her. she told me i was great too and to never change. I never plan to.

*fun facts*

I am the 4th child of the 4th child of the 4th child. ( say that 3 times fast lol )

My mom was 26 when i was born and I was born on the 26th

My dad asked my oldest sister for my moms hand in marriage

My parents met at work and still work together

I get told I look like my dad all the time o.O I guess we’ve been around each other so long we look alike.


18 thoughts on “My mom, She’s awesome

  1. Awesome post. Yes, cherish her and let her know how you feel about her while she is still here. I have to rely on memories. Consider yourself blessed!

  2. Your mom has always been 1 of the best people that I’ve been blessed with in my life. Her quiet strength is to be admired. And Pops is just amazing. You know I love your whole family! Kiss your parents and tell them I said hello

  3. Tell your mom to adopt me. Lol. I like the fact that you don’t use “step” and I’ve a firm believer myself that love dictates “family.” I’m in the process of getting a BA in English myself so I support the statement that it’s never too late. I made two As last semester! Lol. *sounding like a kid*

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