A few things. . .

My sister is still waiting to have her surgery but things are looking good

My aunt went to have her surgery, cut her head open to find that the aneurysm was too large to operate on. They told her she needs to quit smoking and they would check in a few months to see if they can do her operation. And so I keep praying

My honey was out of work for a few months but now hes back at it and out of town. WOMP!! But he won’t be gone a whole 2 years alike before. His travel with this job is light. I already told him I can’t do a full blown long distance relationship again. It’s not happening.

Jas’s last week at her current school is this week. I went to check out a new Daycare and we loved it. This one is a home daycare but she has structure and is pretty much doing the same things that her current school is doing as far as curriculum. I’m with that and that fact that she only has 5 kids currently. Jas will start on Jan 1st. The next 3 weeks will be her “winter break”.

I’m ready for the new year. I plan on moving to a larger place. I plan on getting a new job and I plan on just being overall much happier. I’ve put it out in the universe and claimed it. So it will happen. All of it.

Whats up with you guys? Have you claimed anything for your life in 2013?


14 thoughts on “A few things. . .

  1. I’m hoping to find my purpose and what I am ultimately supposed to be doing career wise in the new year. Hoping to move in my new house and continue on my path to happiness and that everyone stays happy and healthy. I’m ready for 2013. 2012 wasn’t so bad.

    • You already know everything you just stated will come to fruition. 2012 was pretty good but I know I will make some definite moves concerning my life in 2013. I’ve already started.

  2. Prayers and/or good thoughts are still happening around here for your sis. I know she will get the surgery and treatment needed. I know.

    As far as everything else goes – especially your new, bigger place – I’m keeping all those thoughts alive, too. You *WILL* get what you need for you and sweet lil Jas. I know this.

    Love you, Kristin.

  3. I’ve been keeping your sis and aunt in my prayers and wishing a healthy new year for them. 2013 is the year I get a job outside the home. I have lots of prep work to do!

  4. Still keeping your sis and aunt in prayers.
    2013 is the year that I focus on me and put myself first: Lose weight, upgrade the wardrobe, upgrade my credit score and pursue a hobby.

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