Review: Leap Pad 2

LeapPad2™ Disney Ultimate Bundle, green


I got Jas a Leap Pad 2 for her birthday. She was always taking over someones iPad or phone to play games so I thought she needed her own. Let me tell you, she loves it! She calls it her ipad and it really keeps her interested and entertained.

This thing is pretty neat. It’s for ages 3-9. It has a forward and rear camera. It records videos too. It comes preloaded with 4 apps for her to play. I can also buy game cartridges for her to play if I wanted to. I probably never will though because the apps are pretty handy.

Jas loves the ease of being able to navigate it all on her own. And I love that its educational. It can read her books. She can play games like her fave UmiZoomi which goes over her shapes and order recognition among other things

Another thing I love and would suggest if you want to purchase one of these for your little one is the Recharge Pack. This little device will kill some batteries and quick. When she 1st got it we used 4 regular AA Duracell batteries. They lasted 2 full days before they died. The Recharge Pack batteries   once they have been charged up for a couple of hours last for weeks, at least for us. They have been in the Leap Pad 2 now for 2 weeks and they are still going strong.

This is Jasmine’s Leap Pad 2 or her iPad as she calls it.  . .

This is Jas’s “Ipad”

her apps

It may be a bit pricey at $99 but I think its well worth it because she’ll have it to use for years. Christmas is coming! I say add it to your list!

Disclaimer: I was not in any way compensated to review the Leap Pad 2 ( I wish I was!) All opinions are mine.




18 thoughts on “Review: Leap Pad 2

  1. That’s pretty cool for a kid. Can you download more apps or just buy cartridges? My sis needs to get this for the babies…even though they’re only almost 2. She’s always fighting them for her laptop or phone.

  2. Thanks for the review! We were thinking of getting our goddaughter this for Christmas, but we were concerned about how well it works or if she would even be interested. I think we will go ahead and get it! Thanks sis!

  3. Great review! P is on the ipad all the time, mainly watching youtube! I am scared if she can’t watch youtube she may not be interested. But she like taking pictures and video. May be worth a try to get my Ipad back!

  4. I want to get Addison one but they are all sold out around here. I suppose the early Christmas rush got them. I know she will enjoy it if Jas does.

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