My baby turns 3

Dear my darling Daughter,

I can’t believe it had already been 3 years since you came into the world. You are growing up so fast I wish you’d slow down a bit. Watching you turn into a Big Girl has been a pleasure most of the time. You get in your moods where you work my nerves but I wouldn’t trade you for the world. You are the most beautiful little person. Your smile lights up a room and the things that come out of your mouth leave me in stitches. I’m so honored to have been chosen as your mommy and I will continue to do my best to make sure you grow up humble, smart and loving life. When you wrap your arms around my neck, kiss my cheek and tell me, “Mommy, I love you so much!” I know I’m doing a great job with you. You truly are my angle. I wish you many more happy birthdays to celebrate.


Mommy Loves you SO much!


15 thoughts on “My baby turns 3

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  2. This totally made my eyes water. Happy birthday to Jas and to you too Kris cause you were literally reborn on this day. You’re doing such a wonderful job raising a beautiful, intelligent, kind, loving child. Sending both of you all of my love!

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