Please Pray

My sister is still not well. She needs surgery to remove the fibroid tumor and she hasn’t gotten it yet. Her being sick has taken so much out of her. She is always out of breath and very slow moving. She is in constant pain and her blood pressure has been in the 70s. None of that is great. Please pray for her heath and recovery.

My aunt in ATL needs brain surgery to remove an aneurism. The problem is she has heart problems. Her doctors said she needs tests run on her heart to make sure it’s strong enough for the brain surgery. If it isn’t, they won’t operate on her brain.  She could die and I can’t even fathom that. My grandmother is taking all of this really hard. My sister is her oldest grandchild and my aunt is her oldest daughter. She’s stressing herself about their heath which can make herself sick. Please pray for my aunts heath. Pray that she will be able to get the brain surgery she needs to keep her here and healthy at least a while longer.

Thanks y’all.


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