It’s friday and I’m feeling Random

Hey ya’ll! #TGIF

Today I’m feeling rather random so lets get to that. . .

The Director of Jas’s school told me, ” You might have to dip into your rent money to make sure her school fees are paid.” which was met by a o.O . Dude get your hand out my pocket, you’ll get your money! I’m telling y’all if I hadn’t already paid for uniforms and what not, I would have sent her back to her old daycare without blinking an eye. You mean to tell me her being at your school is more important to you than her having a place to live? ok guy. I wouldn’t expect a single, black, gay male to understand the plight of a single mother.

Last night Jas had Back To School night. It was a pretty nice event. It was their 1st one and the director Mr. Darren was a little too pumped. He invited his mama, his grandma, his aunt and nieces and nephews. . . yea. . .they ate all the food! lmao It was more like a house party than a school event. I had jokes all night.

Speaking of her school, it’s trying to break the bank! I hate that the fees are so expensive for school but it’s worth it for her to have that classroom type structure, its important.

Since Jas has been at her new school her night terrors have stopped completely. I am now convinced she was having bad dreams about those bad ass daycare kids and was fighting them in her dreams.

I’ve been doing a lot more praying lately and a lot more placing any issues in God’s hands. I know he would never put more on me than I could bare and I truly believe that with everything in me. I try not to sweat the small stuff and remind myself that everything will always work itself out, as so far, it has been.

I love my honey more everyday

sexting while in a relationship adds spice

My baby fever has cooled off for now. I can’t imagine having 2 kids in school that I have to pay for. I’ll revisit adding to my family when Jas is in school for free. Til then, no dice.

Have I told you guys how much I love me some Christina!? She’s awesome! I am really blessed to have gotten to know her on a personal level. Not a day goes by where we don’t speak. She’s a long distance bestie I’ve never met lol

I’m addicted to Instagram! I have to check it every half an hour to see what’s updated. I hardly tweet at all anymore because I’m busy posting pictures and leaving likes and comments lol

My baby is almost 3 y’all! I almost can’t believe it. She says her birthday is coming any minute. If you ask her what she wants she says, “big presents” If you ask what kind of presents she says, ” A blue one!” I guess mama has to figure it out.

I’m trying to take Jas’s to Disneyland on the 26th if the tickets aren’t too expensive. Since it’s around Halloween those tickets could be outrageous!

I’m job hunting. I finally decided to stop being afraid of the unknown. I’ll never know whats out there for me if I don’t just take the leap.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my sister. They found a fibroid tumor on her cervix and she may need to undergo a hysterectomy. She’s dealing with it ok. She says she just wants the pain to go away and to start feeling like herself again. Keep praying for her please.

That’s all I got for now. Y’all have anything random going on?

Have a great weekend!



12 thoughts on “It’s friday and I’m feeling Random

  1. It is such a shame that you have to pay so much for a quality education, but like you said it is important and we have to make sacrifices for their well being. Yeah. I think my baby fever is completely DONE. I think I just want to give my children and family the best that I have and move on to the next level. I don’t want to start over. I’ll come to Cali and rock your new baby whenever you have one!

    • yea as parents we gotta do what we gotta do for sure.

      Mine will be over when I have 2 and then im done. Thats all I want is Jas to have her own fulltime sibling to grow up with but it’ll have to wait until shes in kinder because 2 daycare fees is doing the most!

      Oh, you rockin babies in cali? I’m holding you to that! lol

  2. so glad to hear that Tutti is okay. My mom had to have a full hysterectomy because of fibroids. it was a hard operation but well worth it afterwards.

    Sexting is a great way to spice up your relationship. I used to love sexting with my ex. When are you and Jas coming to New York?

    • yea i just got off the phone with her. She’s okay if they have to take everything else. She said she doesn’t need it anyway lol. I’m glad shes upbeat about it.

      A little sexting before bed left me with sweet dreams lol

      We have no plans to visit NY any time soon. We would like to visit tho

  3. I have missed so much! First, my prayers that your sis heals soon. I’m jazzed that Jas is going to be 3 “any minute”! LOL! I can relate to the preschool finances. Damon likes to joke that Marlie’s school is college tuition, but I know he chokes a little when he writes that monthly check. But a parent has gotta do what a parent has gotta do, right?

    • thank for the prays. Keep them coming.

      Any minute tho!? lol or she’ll tell you her Birthday is Octover 30! She knows girl, she knows! lol

      The school is worth the money. I know alot of schools that charge a lot more.

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