Not all all Wordless Wednesday: The one where Jas starts PreSchool


A few weeks ago I made the hard decision that Jas had outgrown her daycare she had been going to and it was time for her to start an actual school with a classroom and real structure.

My sister recently started working at a preschool and told me it was really nice. On a day I didn’t go to work and Jas didn’t have daycare, we went to visit. Jas was in love and I was impressed. I decided that it would be her new school. It would cut down on my commute tremendously and that was one of my main deciding factors.

The following monday I gave her daycare 2 weeks notice. They were sad she was leaving. She had been with them since she was 2 months old. It really was bitter sweet.

This past weekend we went and got her uniforms and shoes and she was all set for school. On sunday I did her hair all purdy. She went to bed early because she was excited about wearing that uniform in the morning. We got up, got dressed and off we went to the Rising Stars Academy.




She met her teacher and was introduced to the class. She sat down and remembered the little girl she met the last time she was there. They’d be sharing a station. I sat and watched as they went over a few things. I couldn’t help but snap a picture of sitting at her desk.image

My sister and I texted back and forth all day. I had to know my baby was doing alright in a new place. My sister told me Jas was doing great and fit right in. She also said that Ms. L her teacher, had tested her to see what she knew and said Jas was pretty advanced for a 2yr old. I gotta agree!

When I picked Jas up she was very excited to see me. She told me she made new friends and that everyone loved her. She also told her new school was “awesome” and that she really liked it.


imageI’m very pleased with the school so far. Jas has homework every night and she enjoys doing it. . . i just wish sending kids to preschool was cheaper smh


23 thoughts on “Not all all Wordless Wednesday: The one where Jas starts PreSchool

  1. awwwww Jas looks so cute in her little uniform! and her backpack is almost bigger than she is! did you tear up a little when you leave? Sidenote, the middle picture of Jas looks just like Deja to me. you know all ya’ll look alike 😉

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