The one where I go see the Liberation Tour

My sister invited me to a concert with her Sunday. She had a date who flaked and asked if I wanted to go. I’m not one for going out on a Sunday knowing I have to work the next but I couldn’t pass it up.

It was The Liberation Tour Mary J Blidge and D’Amgelo( My boo!) are the headliners.

So after spending the entire day doing individuals I got dressed and headed off to the concert with my big sis. She and I always have a great time together.

We get to the Universal Amphitheater a little early and go find something to eat. After that, we head over to find out seats. We were seated next to a very nice older mexican couple who informed me that they were there for Mary. I informed the wife I was there for D’Angelo but loved Mary too.

The Show opened with some chick named Starchelle (?) she was. . . umm. . . wack. She’s the 1st artist signed to Mary J’s lable. I think Mary should have been more selective but that’s just my opinion.

After that chick was done Melonie Fiona came out and did a set. I sang all of her jams at the top of my lungs. I have never seen her in concert but she put on an excellent show and her voice is like butter! She can SANG!

*random*I noticed Bobby Brown and his wife a few rows ahead of us. They kept kissing randomly. They were cute

There was a brief intermission while they changed the set. The lights went down and the music started playing. I got excited because I knew D’Angelo was next. Y’all he has been a fave of mine since Brown Sugar and I always thought he was swexy, before he showed the world he was swexy in that Untitled video, ( and them proceeded to negate all his swexy by doing drugs and gaining a Katrillion pounds, he’s back tho y’all!)

He came down our aisle to the stage singing! I wish we were sitting on those aisle seats at that moment. LAWD!

He did his set and he was awesome! He did a bunch fo his hits and a few of his new songs off his upcoming album. He did “untitled” and I had to find something to fan myself with. The way he sang it was just. . .yea. . .

After he was done and had us all work up a sweat ( I stood up singing and dancing his entire set) it was time for Mary J.

*another Random* We saw Damon Hall ( from Guy) on our way to the restroom and my sister went and hugged him. He’s very handsome.  I think he was shocked and happy someone recognized him.

*More Random* Mary’s husband and step kids where there to support her. I loved that! We saw them sitting not to far from us .

After another intermission for a set change ( and a restroom break for me and sis and my nice Mexican friend) Mary hit the stage. She looked great and she sounded great. She really is a soul singer and she makes you want to get up and dance and sing. I did, a couple of times but my feet and knees kept telling me to sit my tail down and I had to listen. She sang all her jams old and new and she had 3 outfit changes. I don’t know how they girl works that stage dancing and strutting around in this stiletto knee-high boots but she is a pro at it.

Her set was great as well.  She played to the audience and really seemed to a appreciate the love the crowd was showing her. She was almost brought to tears a few times and that was touching to me. She seems liked she’d be someone really cool to hang out with.

She show started on time at 8:15pm and was over at about 12:15am. Everyone ushered out of the theater like cattle and made it to our cars. It took a good 15 or so mins just to get out of the parking lot. I didn’t get him until 1:30. Jas was sound asleep in her bed and I didn’t fall asleep until after 2am and I had to be at work today. I’m tired as all hell but the concert was worth it. I doubt I’ll be at more shows if I have to work the next day though. I’m like the walking dead right now.


17 thoughts on “The one where I go see the Liberation Tour

  1. Now that’s a concert, although I’m not a DeAngelo fan outside of two songs I can’t say enough about Mary J. Blige. She’s hip hop and r&b royalty and it’s always good to hear that a song of hers reached the top of the charts. Annnnnd Melanie Fiona was there as well? Hell yeah.

    Got tickets to see Lyfe Jennings at a small venue on the 16th. Love the nigga to death, his debut album got me thru a painful breakup in ’06. The song Cry is my ish.

    • after his 1st album i haven’t felt Lyfe too much but I love me some D’Angelo! Mary was great and so was Melonie. that girl has a voice on her!

  2. I am a longtime D’Angelo fan. Since I’m from Richmond, I like to think I knew about him way before the rest of the world. 🙂 I remember my friend won his CD off the radio my freshman year of college and she said how good it was. My love affair began from there. I went to see him and Outkast in concert sometime that next year too. That was back when \”Elevators\” was their big hit. So long ago!

    I thought he was hot even when he was bigger and sat behind his keyboards in a puffy leather coat!

    I am not a MJB fan at all. As much as I would love to see D, I cannot suffer through hours of MJB’s wailings to do so. I’ll wait until he headlines again.

    • I’ve loved him since then too! *fans self* lol

      Mary puts on a really good show and when i saw her open for Prince I knew I wouldn’t mind seeing her again in concert. I really would have been content leaving before she went on though. D’angelo had me worn out!

  3. Weeknight partying is the best! You dont need to be held down by the man’s time! Concert sounds fun. GP did a recap of the same one. I dont know why I found it so funny that Damon Hall was excited that someone recognized him. But I guess I would be too.

    • Weeknight partying is the best? What!? When? lol

      It actually made me giggle how happy he was she recognized him. We even had better seats than he did, much better! lol

  4. They groupon’d that show here and it was on a Tuesday! Tuesday! Lord. I wanted to go but ended up having to go to Chicago for work. I wanted to see Melanie Fiona. I had no desire to see D’Angelo after seeing him on some awards show or something but now you have me wondering. My next concert is New Edition and I am hoping Bobby is there! That one is on a Saturday 🙂

    • Yea tuesday would have been a no go for me. That’s just too much. D’angelo is much better at his own show. I promise you wouldn’t regret it if you are a fan of his music.

      Mike Bivens said Bobby is at EVERY concert they have.

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