Weekend rundown

This past weekend we were supposed to be in Oakland hanging out with Teresha. My body had other plans. The war came and took me down and on top of that I caught a stupid cold, as did Jas. By Tuesday she was coughing and sneezing and I was starting to get a scratchy throat. By Thursday Jas was feeling better but still had a cough and my cold was just getting started *sigh*


I had already told Teresha that we weren’t gonna make that drive. I couldn’t risk getting any of them sick. How rude would it be for us to come and leave and her whole family gets sick too. Not happenin! So we will make that trip soon.

After work Thursday I was already feeling pretty crappy. I was congested pretty bad. I picked up jas from school and went to my parents house to do a little laundry. Mom talked me into spending the night since she knew I wasn’t going to work on friday. I had took friday off to make the drive to Oakland 😦


We stayed that night. Woke up and ran a few errands. We ended up spending the night again Friday night. My niece turned 8 on tuesday and was having a swimming party Saturday. Since we wouldn’t be out of town I decided we would go up there and celebrate with her.

Jas was very excited to be going and wanted everyone to see her swimsuit.image

We traded a LONG road trip ( 6-8 hrs to Oakland) for a short one ( 1 hour to palmdale)


We got in the pool and had lots of fun. The kids swam. Jas is a pro with her floaty. She doesn’t want any help at all. She kicks around that pool and gets where she wants to be with no assistance from anyone else.

the birthday girl as we sang Happy Birthday



My niece got a baby alive for her birthday. Jas thought it was her’s and proceeded to “take care” of it. She changed it’s diaper and fed it.




We stayed for a good while and then it was time to head back home


I started to feel all congested again on the way home. I was coughing and sniffling. I couldn’t wait to go home and get in my bed. But before bed I did my nails.

Sunday morning was hair day for Jas. I washed her hair the night before and put it in 2 braids. We lounged around for a bit and then I was motivated enough to do her hair


Remember that turd braid I did? Well this is what I had in mind. I just didn’t think through very well how to do it.


after hair we went back to my parents house so Jas could ride her bike and play in the backyard. I layed around and watched movies.

Today I woke up and I’ll still congested. Jas is with her God Daddy. Her school is on vacation all week so he’s doing his duty of always being there when I need him to be #Blessed

I hope y’all had a great weekend


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