Welp, the rice didn’t work


photo via T-Mobile.com


So, the rice didn’t work. I think because it fell in the pool with Chlorine in it instead of just plain water that affected the outcome. I had to call T-Mobile and file a claim with the insurance. I faxed the claim over today and I should have my replacement phone tomorrow. I have missed my phone and I have hated being mostly out of touch. And I get my new phone just in time for my road trip to Oakland to visit Teresha and the kids. I also get to see GP while I’m there! Should be good times!

I have had to use my old phone which had made me remember why I got a new one to begin with. This here phone y’all. . . sucks MAJOR balls! It has been spazzing out like crazy all weekend. I promise as soon as my new phone gets here, I am having a Office Space moment and this phone will die!

I will catch up with you guys tomorrow when I will be back on my instagram grind!


13 thoughts on “Welp, the rice didn’t work

  1. You get to meet everybody!! Cool. Wou and GP will be 2/3 of our singing group. And tell GP you wont meet her if she wont let you take a picture.

    Sorry the rice didnt work. Insurance is good.

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