Let’s talk about hair

So Christina and I did an unofficial challenge amongst ourselves. We said we would not use rubber bands on your girls hair for the entire month of July. We both passed with flying colors as we did various protective styles on the girls that did not require rubber bands.

In July I started with very dry baby hair. We had been in ATL and the water there is much harder than the water in cali. It dried Jas’s hair out so much that I had to deep condition it twice before it felt right.

When I proposed the challenge to Christina she was all for it. She did a protective style on my little Izzy and I decided I would do one for Jas as well.

I decided on my go to style for her. The Faux-Hawk. But instead of doing it was way I usually do, I added “bangs”.

After he hair shrinks as it always does this is how it typically looks

I let her wear that style for a good almost 2 weeks before I get tired of the fuzz and take it down.

Then I made up a style that I hated but it served its purpose.

it looks like a turd from the back

I left that in for another week and a half before we washed and went for a new style. This time it was a full head of twists. After 2 strand twist in the front and free ones in the back.

That style did not last long and it shrank more than any other style i have ever done on her. It looked like this by the second dayI let her wear it like that the rest of the week. By friday she looked crazy so I took them down and washed all the product out. I decided I would try banding. I went and bough some elastic bands as well as some cloth hair wraps. I put her hair in about 10 banded ponytails and let her sleep with them. The next days in the afternoon I took them down. BANDING WORKS! It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It stretched the hair so that it doesn’t shrink and is tangle free! I decided for a single cornrow style, half up half down.

look at all the length she retained!

She did get a little shrinkage but not nearly as much as she had previously.

I Let her wear these braids for a week and then the month of July was over! Success!

Now we’re in august and I still have yet to use a single rubber band. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing againstΒ  rubber bands, it was just a challenge to see if we could forgo them for our little ones.

August has started off great. I think I’m gonna keep the challenge going for myself this month. We started off with loose wild hair that ya girl Jas was feelingThen she wore this beautiful bun for a week!after this came down she wore it down a day or 2 and then a puff for a few daysLast night after talking Christina about a braided bun she had been wearing I was inspired to do something similar for Jas. It’s a braided extra large afro puff!

umm. . . yea. . .

We’ll see how long this style will last before I’m on to something else.

*see I told y’all i was having a good hair week! lol Sometimes a haircut does the trick*


12 thoughts on “Let’s talk about hair

  1. I can’t wait until Addison’s hair gets long enough for her to have a huge puff. I have been trying to keep the rubber bands out of her hair as well. Her braids just don’t last that long. 3 days max. I am going to start putting gel on them.

    • That puff kills me! It is actually a lot maintenance. If I don’t comb that thing out everyday it gets so tangled and dry! Lawd!

  2. I wish I may I wish I might could braid my daughter’s hair up right!
    Since there is no such thing as magic wish fairies or genies, I’ll just admire your handiwork. LOL! p.s. you have to do Marlie’s hair for her party, pretty please!

  3. Oooh chile, I need to get on your level. My cornrows are horrible. Then Jay wants to be a busy body, and that coupled with my low patience…

    I wanna be like you when I grow up.

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